The Best Hotels in Scotland

Mystical moors, rugged cliffs, imposing castles - Scotland is an outdoor lover's dream destination. A trip through the famous Scottish Highlands takes you past Loch Ness, rushing white-water rivers and massive castles that have served as backdrops for numerous films. For those who love city breaks, choose one of Scotland's hotels in medieval Edinburgh or Glasgow, known for its numerous art galleries and museums.

Hotels in Scotland

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Scotland spans across the northern portion of the United Kingdom with a gorgeous landscape dictated by hundreds of miles of coastline on the mainland and hundreds of small islands, as well as across the rugged countryside. Hotels are located in major cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as in small towns and tourist destinations like Tiree. Scotland’s many hotels beautifully capture the spirit and culture of the country, while also putting you close to popular attractions like the Skara Brae, the Wallace Monument, and more.

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