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The Maldives are the ideal destination for those seeking luxury breaks in unique hotels that offer the perfect mix of peace and activity. Guests can enjoy seeing the vibrant capital before moving on to their secluded Maldives home. Water bungalows offer the very best way to enjoy island life, whether scuba diving or simply relaxing in the sun. The Maldives are the ideal spot for enjoying romantic breaks or unique family trips, with no interruption from other travellers.

Luxury Hotels Maldives

Made up of 200 islands, the Maldives are uniquely positioned to offer travellers a truly peaceful and secluded ambience. Many of the top luxury hotels are placed on the gorgeous beaches, far away from the large cities on the atoll’s primary islands.

The range of gorgeous islands

Kaafu is the Maldives’ main isle where its capital, Malé, is found. Most international flights arrive here, and travellers may enjoy exploring the town’s gorgeous sights. These include the 17th century Friday Mosque and Sultan Park and the National Museum. Then, it’s on to the tranquillity of an island hotel.

Get close to nature in water bungalows

Many of the Maldives luxury hotels are made up of a network of generously-sized private water bungalows or villas. Built to resemble native housing and placed directly over the water, visitors can enjoy looking out over the ocean from the patio and sleeping with the sea breeze blowing through the open windows. Others are built on terra firma and offer cottage-like dwellings with private gardens and swimming pools.

World-class scuba diving

While diving and other watersports are common throughout South Asia, visitors will find the Maldives’ remote and undisturbed setting to be the ideal spot for seeing its beautiful sealife. These include local species such as butterflyfish, octopus and hawksbill turtles.

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