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Riva del Garda, Limone sul Garda, Gardone Riviera - the names of these picturesque places on Lake Garda alone testify to elegance and luxury. In a luxury hotel on Lake Garda, you can stay in exclusive suites, take advantage of the beauty offers or increase your fitness on the tennis court. If you don't want to use the lake itself for swimming, jump into the pool and enjoy your Aperol Sprizz here with a grandiose view. Depending on the location, luxury hotels on Lake Garda are lined with noble cypresses or Mediterranean palms.

Luxury Hotels Lake Garda

Lush, Mediterranean nature, bougainvillea, palm trees, pine trees, cypresses and olive gardens make Lake Garda a vacation paradise whose Mediterranean ambience comes to the fore. Especially in luxury hotels with spacious parks. Stylish pools, elegant suites and historic buildings are encountered in the sophisticated 5-star hotels with lake views, which combine luxury, Lake Garda and magnificent nature in a unique symbiosis.

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Where to stay in luxury hotels on Lake Garda: Most important regions & places at a glance

Gardone Riviera on the western shore - meeting place of the bon-vivants

One grand hotel follows the next on the lake promenade of Gardone Riviera, a few kilometers north of Salò. Noble and chic Art Nouveau facades and fin-de-siècle palaces, some of which have their own lakeside promenade. Among the friends of fine arts and exquisite tastes, there were visionaries who made luxury hotels on Lake Garda a very personal affair. In 1880, the German engineer Ludwig Wimmer invested in an inn that eventually became the prestigious Grand Hotel Gardone. The Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio built himself a little castle above the lake, in whose garden the bow of the warship Puglia, which he commanded, was placed a mausoleum and an open-air theater. The main attraction of today’s Vittoriale degli Italiani, however, is the palace of the eccentric, furnished with a lot of plush and kitsch, where he received, among others, the Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka. You can visit the magnificent Giardino Hruska garden by Viennese all-round artist André Heller with exotic plants arranged according to continents and modern art.

Luxurious residing on the peninsula of Sirmione

High-quality furniture and a luxurious ambience are what one encounters when staying in luxury hotels on the picturesque peninsula of Sirmione, which extends 4km into the imposing waters of Lake Garda in the very south. The historic old town is entered through the gate of an ancient Scaliger castle and only hotel guests are allowed to drive in. A beautiful, shady park with numerous Mediterranean plants surrounds one luxury hotel here, while one can look far out over the lake from spacious balconies of another. A rich Roman was particularly fond of the peninsula, and even today the remains of the walls of Catullus’ caves bear witness to the poet’s former luxurious villa. For a time, the Irish poet James Joyce also chose Sirmione as his home. Finally, the romantic walks around the peninsula are particularly popular when the sun disappears behind the mountains and spreads its warm light over the lake.

Charm and luxury in Riva del Garda

It was probably not exceptional service alone that drew poets such as Franz Kafka or Thomas Mann to Riva del Garda in the north of the lake towards South Tyrol. They raved about the rugged yet lovely nature, while surfers today take advantage of the optimal winds. Those who prefer luxury hotels on Lake Garda are guaranteed to find what they are looking for here and get a magnificent park and a romantic private beach in addition to their suite.

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