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Lake Constance Hotels

Are you looking for selected Lake Constance Hotels? Escapio Hotels invite you to enjoy the beauty of Lake Constance. Lake Constance is situated beween Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This region is particularly known for its mild climate and the rank vegetation is ideal for fruit-growing and wine-growing. Around Lake Constance you can find many beautiful and old small towns with half-timbered houses. In the summer Lake Constance creates a Mediterranean atmosphere when many sail boats fill the lake with their white sails. Lake Constance, also enthusiastically called "Swabian Sea", is surrounded by a 270-kilometer long bikeway, which offers cyclists and skaters ideal sporting conditions. Besides sailing and surfing you can also enjoy your stay by playing golf on one of the many golf courses (28 altogether) around Lake Constance. The excellent cuisine of this region tops the perfect picture off. Discover Lake Constance in Escapio’s Lake Constance Hotels!

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