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Indonesia, the Southeast Asian country, which spreads over numerous island groups, enchants its visitors with dreamlike sandy beaches, pulsating metropolises and numerous cultural highlights. A year-round warm climate makes this country a popular destination in every season. The basis for an unforgettable holiday in Indonesia is the right hotel. Here, travellers will find fantastic Bali resorts that promise peace, quiet and relaxation, but also modern accommodation in the heart of exciting Jakarta and other megacities. Besides futuristic buildings in the metropolises, the country also offers some traditional hotels in the rainforests, which are especially popular with nature lovers.

Diversified activities in Indonesia

The island of Bali is considered a dream destination for vacationers from all over the world and impresses with miles of beaches of finest sand. Here, the conditions for surfing and kitesurfing are ideal. The colourful underwater world off the coast of the Indonesian islands also invites you to go diving and snorkelling, for which you will find schools in most beach resorts. Apart from Bali, the small island of Nusa Lembongan in particular, is considered a paradise for travellers in search of peace and quiet in untouched nature. The idyllic island is known for its white sandy beaches and palm trees as well as for the turquoise blue water of the Java Sea with its manta rays. Those who prefer to stay ashore for the sporting activities can go on exciting hikes through the volcanic landscapes of Indonesia. The Gunung Batur on Bali and the Bromo on the island of Java are especially suitable for excursions. From the peaks, some of which are over 2,000m high, you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the green landscapes. Along the coasts of Indonesia, holidaymakers can also try out various water sports, such as water skiing and jet skiing. These sports can be best done in the smaller towns of the most popular holiday regions on Bali and Java.

Cultural sights in this huge country

The dream island of Bali offers its visitors a variety of historical attractions, including the old Hindu temple Pura Luhur in the very south. In the northern part of the island, which is mainly known for its untouched nature, visits to the gigantic temple complexes Pura Besakih and Pura Tirta Empul are worthwhile. Also recommended are excursions to the small town of Ubud. The temple complex there is home to numerous wild monkeys, most of which are extremely trusting. Jakarta, the capital and by far the most populous metropolis of Indonesia, also offers its visitors a variety of sights, including the Monumen Nasional, the symbol of Indonesian independence. The megacity with almost 10 million inhabitants, is one of the largest cities in the world. It is also known for its many shopping centres and theme parks. The Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, which showcases the history and culture of the country, is especially worth a visit. In the heart of the main island Java is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. The gigantic pyramid Borobudur is a good 40km away from the big city of Yogyakarta and was built between the years 750 and 850. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is still almost completely in its original state and is open to visitors.

Discover the culinary delights of Indonesia

Every holiday in this diverse country is rounded off with the exotic cuisine, which is known for its spicy dishes. Standard meals here include the roast chicken Ayam Goreng and the braised pork ribs Balung Nangka, traditionally served with boiled jackfruit. A festive meal is the suckling pig stuffed with a spice paste, which can be found on the menus as Babi Guling. In Bali, the piglets, which are prepared in the open air, are very common. If you would like to try some extremely spicy delicacies, you can order the speciality Pelecingan. This is chicken or fish, which is fried and steamed in a spicy chilli paste. For vegetarians we recommend the water spinach Pelecing Kangkung, which is usually eaten with bean sprouts and a sauce of tomatoes and chilies. For dessert or as a snack for in between, the small, round rice flour cakes Kue Lakak with coconut flakes and palm sugar are very popular. Many restaurants and hotels in Indonesia also offer the Pudding Bubur Injun made of black sticky rice. During meals, the inhabitants like to drink the fermented juice of the tuak arene palm, known as Brem.

Climate and best travel time for Indonesia

Thanks to its proximity to the equator, Indonesia can expect temperatures of around 30°C throughout the year. This includes high humidity, which is also normal here. For city trips to Jakarta, the months of June to October are recommended, as there are only occasional rain showers, while thunderstorms are regularly expected around the turn of the year. For Bali, the months May to October are considered the perfect travel season. With maximum daily temperatures of 32°C, about 7-8 hours of sunshine, and a water temperature of pleasant 27°C, the conditions are ideal for spending relaxed holidays on the beach. If you have planned a nature trip through Indonesia and want to stay overnight near the volcanoes, you should consider that the temperatures in the high mountain areas cool down considerably. The nights are fresh with lows of approximately 16°C, something to consider when packing clothes for your holiday.

Arrival from Germany

Due to the long distance, only flights with a stopover are offered from Germany. By changing planes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other metropolises, holidaymakers travel for about 17-20h before they land in South East Asia. Afterwards, the easiest way to get to the hotel in Indonesia is by local taxis, which are extremely inexpensive.

Good to know – rainy season in Indonesia

During the German winter months from November to March, Indonesia has a rainy season. The north-west monsoon brings strong rainfalls, which mainly express themselves in short but violent thunderstorms. The rainfalls can put a damper on planned activities or extensive sunbathing on the beach at short notice. So please take the climatic conditions of this tropical destination into account when planning your trip.

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