The Best Hotels in Vietnam

Rice fields standing in water, hidden beaches and bustling megacities: Vietnam is colourful and lively. Vietnam's hotels are located along the coast on wide sandy beaches or in the brightly coloured shops of the capital Hanoi and the megacity Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon. Historic temples, tropical jungles and natural wonders such as the limestone cliffs rising steeply from the water in Halong Bay add to the fascination of Vietnam.

Hotels in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a country on the move: Anyone visiting the hotels of Vietnam will end up in pulsating metropolises like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City or in enchanting old towns like Hoi An. In between, there are gigantic jungles, natural wonders and a coastline stretching over thousands of kilometres to discover.

Where to stay in hotels in Vietnam The most important cities at a glance

Hanoi: lively old town, temples & sugar roads

Hanoi is colourful and lively. The colourful shopping streets are full of brightly lit advertising signs and market stalls with exotic fruits and vegetables. Hanoi is the city of honking mopeds and scooters, of millennia-old monuments and temples. If you book a hotel in the old town of Hanoi, you are close to most of the sights: for example, the impressive mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh or the turtle tower at Hoan Kiem Lake. The winding little alleys are a paradise for strolling tourists. The streets of the old town are named after the goods you can buy there – shoes, silver jewellery or bamboo sticks. In the old town of Hanoi, you will meet street vendors and cookshops. And another tip for sugar lovers: Hang Duong Street is completely dedicated to sweet treats. Many use their stay in Hanoi for a trip to the nearby Halong Bay. It is famous for its mossy limestone cliffs that rise out of the water.

Hoi An: beaches, tailors & paper lanterns

Vietnam nestles in an S-shape against Cambodia, Laos and China – but above all against the sea. At its narrowest point, the slender country is less than 5 kilometres wide, but has almost 3,200 kilometres of coastline: sandy beaches, cliffs, small islands and countless hidden bays. The tropical coastal town of Hoi An combines the beach with an enchanting old town. Especially in the early evening hours, the paper lanterns are reflected in the winding Thu Bon River, where colourfully painted boats rock. Palm trees and flowering trees stand on the shore and in the small streets you can find closely packed houses and hidden temples. Travelers regularly rave about the city's overwhelming street food and cookshops. Hoi An is also the centre of the Vietnamese tailoring industry. So, if you want to get new clothes, there are hundreds of tailors to choose from. The Vietnamese hotels in the old town are a few kilometres from the beach. However, the route to the fine sandy beaches of An Bang or Cua Dai is quickly reached by bike. But some hotels in Hoi An have also settled very close to the beach.

Ho-Chi-Minh-City: City of millions between modernity and tradition

Ho Chi Minh is the metropolis in South Vietnam. Better known to many under its former name Saigon, as the 'Grande Dame of the East', Saigon fascinates in a very special way, it is shaped by the influence of China and France. In the city, tradition meets modernity: Hindu temples stand next to consumer palaces. Street vendors sell vegetables or fruit from mobile stalls. The motor scooters, a classic hallmark, dominate the road traffic. Along the Dong Khoi promenade, boutiques, small cafés and now also large shopping malls line up. Between the modern shopping malls and hotels in Vietnam, the artists' shops, street vendors and restaurants give the famous promenade its charm.

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