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Denmark has Copenhagen; the city with a proven high quality of life. It's little wonder, since this is the city where people like to cycle between hipster districts, Danish hotels and the Little Mermaid. You can swim at the North Sea or Baltic Sea, but preferably on the southern coast. Here in Esbjerg you will also find the famous lime-white sculpture "Man by the Sea". Children love Legoland in Billund. Imposingly gothic is the cathedral in Roskilde, where you can also see a Viking ship and once a year one of the biggest European music festivals takes place.

Hotels in Denmark

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Denmark – The country between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is characterized by quiet, natural landscapes, a lot of heath and generous dune areas. Whoever is looking for relaxation and peace and quiet will spend their holidays here. Small villages, Danish idyll and a sustainable lifestyle make up the flair of the Scandinavian country. There are not many municipalities or large cities, with the exception of Copenhagen – The clean bicycle and pleasure city. Between gourmet restaurants, design hotels and trendy districts, you can relax in Danish cafés and green parks.

Where to stay in Denmark – Most important regions & places at a glance

Copenhagen: Bicycle City, Shopping & Hipster Quarter

Copenhagen is repeatedly voted the most livable city in the world. In the capital of Denmark you ride your bike instead of your car, you move, eat & think climate friendly here. In addition to countless green spaces and an unusually clean harbour, you will find endless possibilities for partying, going out & shopping. The trendy quarter Vesterbro is considered to be the hipster quarter par excellence. Copenhagen is also the capital of pleasure with exquisite gourmet temples as well as the cultural capital with historical sights in the Indre By district such as the royal castle Amalienborg. The hotels in Copenhagen hide behind old building façades with colourful flower balconies and wooden benches.

Aarhus & Central Jutland: National parks & artist town

The landscape of Central Jutland is characterised by dense heathland, recreational moorland and wide meadows, many of which are surrounded by pristine national parks. Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. Many students live here, which is why a distinct artist and cultural scene has settled here. In addition to historical sights such as the Cathedral & Town Hall, you will find the huge open-air museum Gamble By and the avant-garde art museum Aros. A stay in design hotels is a good idea here, as is Viborg with its beautiful cathedral, which was redesigned by the artist Joakim Skovgaard with numerous frescoes, or the trade fair town of Herning.

Aalborg & Northern Jutland: Beach holiday & dune landscape

In the north of Denmark, you will find a rugged, pristine coastline with salt water meadows, bird breeding grounds and raised bogs. The northernmost point is Skagen, where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea, creating torrential currents. The coastal villages of the Kattegat are ideal for families with their low water, wide dunes and beautiful beaches. There are small hotels and holiday apartments. In Hirtshals is the North Sea Museum with the largest cold water aquarium in Europe. A testimony of the dark past are the numerous bunkers on the beach, especially in Vigso. Aalborg is ideal for an excursion with Tivoli Park and Zoo as well as impressive tombs from the Viking Age.

Odense & Southern Denmark: Water sports & recreation

Water sports enthusiasts are attracted to the southern coast of Denmark, just behind Germany. From sailing and diving to kite surfing, the active areas on the North and Baltic Seas, some of which are lined with cliffs, are sure to be a great place to be. Sightseeing highlights include the huge lime-white sculpture group ""Man by the Sea"" in Esbjerg and Legoland in Billund. Formerly part of Germany, Aabenraa on the Baltic Sea has an extensive shopping mile and beautiful hotels for a beach holiday. On the island of Funen lies the third largest city Odense, whose most famous son is the writer Hans Christian Andersen. A side trip to the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm is also worthwhile.

Denmark – Good to know

Sustainability: Denmark is considered a pioneer in the field of energy system transformation & sustainability, as the country systematically focuses on renewable energies. This is also reflected in the Danes' lifestyle: instead of driving a car, they prefer to ride a bicycle, and they also focus on sustainability in architecture and fashion.

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