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Luxembourg Hotels

Luxembourg may be one of the smallest countries in the European Union, but when it comes to diversified culture and beautiful landscapes, the Benelux country is second to none of its larger counterparts. Cities located close to rural areas afford a unique opportunity to discover not only urban landscapes but also Luxembourg’s hills and valleys with our Luxembourg hotels as vantage points. Follow the numerous, perfectly marked hiking trails that will take you to the Luxembourg Ardennes or past lush orchards and vegetable gardens, the Benedictine abbey in Clervaux and the castle ruins near Esch-sur-Sûre. The capital Luxembourg, more than one thousand years old, offers you concerts at the philharmonic, plays at the Grand Théâtre de la Ville or cosy restaurants with culinary delights. Learn about all of the country’s facets on your Luxembourg trip and stay at high-standard Luxembourg romantic hotels, Luxembourg design hotels or Luxembourg luxury hotels. Enjoy choosing from our Luxembourg hotels.

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