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Santorini deserves its reputation as one of the most glamorous destinations in the Mediterranean. With an unforgettably chilled-out atmosphere and truly marvellous views to behold, Santorini’s boutique hotels are the best way to enjoy luxury life on this exquisite island.

Boutique Hotels Santorini

The island of Santorini is one of the most glamorous locations Greece has to offer. The offering boutique hotels in Santorini is impressive, and its range of beautiful towns give visitors the chance to experience a range of locations in a relaxed and vibrant ambience.

The island’s capital of Fira

Fira is the island’s main settlement, located at the top of a cliff with magnificent views out across the Aegean Sea. Its location at the center of the island’s west coast makes it the perfect base for exploring, with excellent transport links to the surrounding villages. Enjoy walking the cobbled streets of Fira, with its striking blue and white architecture.

The villages of Santorini

With boutique hotels anywhere in Santorini, you can take the bus or stroll to a number of amazing destinations. These include Firostefani, which is an excellent place to grab photos of the island’s iconic volcano. You can take a guided tour or explore the charming village surroundings at your leisure. Imerovigli is another favorite local spot, a short walk from Fira and the ideal place to stroll around at sunset.

The charm of secluded Oia

Should you be looking for the ultimate in serene luxury, Oia offers visitors to Santorini further gorgeous surroundings and plenty to see in town. Located at the north of the island, be enchanted by the relaxed vibe. Enjoying sumptuous Greek food and coffee in its restaurants after strolling along the beach and through the winding streets.

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