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Within the style of the iconic Cycladic architecture of the Greek islands, an adults only hotel in Santorini might just be the world’s most romantic destination. The sunny streets of Fira make for great people watching and when the sun sets, the city comes alive like you’ve never seen. Oia is where you want to spend your honeymoon, at a remote and serene adults only hotel with an infinity pool, a private balcony overlooking the caldera, and only first-rate amenities. Head to Imerovigl and Firostefani for slow days on the beach, and to southern Santorini for a taste of true Mediterranean tranquility.

Adults Only Hotels Santorini

Santorini is what dreams of made of. Appearing lavishly in the middle of the Aegean Sea between Athens and Crete, a stint on this famous Greek island promises unbelievable beaches, first-rate dining, perhaps a celebrity sighting or two, and more romance than one person can handle. An adults only hotel ensures you’ll get the absolute most out of what’s sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Where to stay at an adults only hotel in Santorini? Important locations at a glance:

Oia & Caldera-Edge Cliffs: Honeymoon bliss on the iconic coast

© La Maison d’Ulysse The allure of Santorini is palpable — one feels it upon first step onto the island. Looking out onto the landscape of cliffy coasts, the perfect Mediterranean sea, and blue-roofed villages, it’s no wonder Santorini is such a beloved location for honeymoons. You’ll see the sunset like never before in the village Oia and its environs, especially at Oia Castle, which is allegedly one of the world’s top sunset-viewing locations. There on the cliffs, the adults only hotels are fully equipped for a dreamy stay, complete with pools and hot tubs affording panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, the Caldera, and Thirasia Island. The hotels are designed in the Santorini architectural style, either as a common cave house or built into the volcanic rock. Each room with its own balcony, you’ll have all the privacy and the fodder for a spectacular staycation. Just a stone’s throw away is the classic village itself, which is perfect for a night out in a Greek tavern sipping ouzo and fine wine from local vineyards. If you’re craving a little more action and maybe some fresh fish, most adults only hotels around Oia are in walking distance from the village Ammoudi and its spectacular bay.

Fira Town: Nightlife in Santorini’s capital

If you and your beloved are looking for some nightlife action, or you’re gearing up for a fun-filled solo trip, an adults only hotel in Fira Town is sure to provide. These establishments are seriously luxurious, boasting central locations, opulent breakfast buffets, and light, spacious interiors that highlight all the best features of Santorini and stay true to the energy of the Greek islands. Fira, or Thera, is known for providing all the entertainment, eating, and drinking one could ask for. The capital of Santorini, this vibrant town is speckled with Greek eateries, a list of sights-to-see, and streets of people after the same thing — a magical experience in a singular location. The nightlife spans from experimental cocktail bars, cave-like haunts with a who’s-who crowd, Irish and Scottish pubs, seriously lux vibes on loud dance floors, and lively clubs that’ll keep you out past your bedtime. A certain old-meets-new energy radiates through Fira; you can experience some of older side at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, which outlines the history of ancient Akrotiri. The younger side you’ll find in the highly modern amenities in your adults only hotel’s room-with-a-view. A walk north to Firostefani or Imerovigli along the edge of caldera is sure to take your breath away and, like throughout the whole island, the photo opportunities are endless.

Imerovigl & Firostefani: Volcanic views & slowed-down time

© Oia Mare Villas Situated between Fira and Oia, Imerovigli’s name translates as “view spot,” and this couldn’t be more accurate — having secured the highest point of the island in the Golden Age of Piracy, one can enjoy a clear view of the caldera and the volcano, in addition, of course, to the wide open sea, from almost any location in the village. The makeup of Imerovigl oscillates between the blue-rimmed whitewashed cityscape and a series of churches in the Cycladic architectural style. While there, make sure to take a walk up to Skaros Rock, considered one of Santorini’s most significant castle fortresses since the Medieval Times. Panagia Theoskepasti Chapel, an iconic blue-domed church near the port of Andre, is worth the climb down from Skaros for a stunning sunset. Firostefani is situated between Imerovigl and Fira, and is actually the old village of Fira. It boasts a much quieter atmosphere than the capital, while also recognized as a hub for fine eateries and deluxe hotels. The adults only hotels in Imerovigl and Firostefani are perfect for those seeking a balance between a serene atmosphere and plenty of options. From your adults only hotel, you’ll be sipping fine Greek wine and enjoy sweeping views of the caldera from private balconies that cling to the craggy cliffs of the island.

Southern Santorini: Pure Mediterranean holiday

Around the famous Akrotiri excavation site is uninterrupted bliss — perfect beaches, infinity pools, and patently luxurious adults only hotels. Stepping into Santorini’s quieter south is like stepping into another time, one where the days pass slowly, whiled away with a cocktail and some stuffed grape leaves in hand. Bring your beloved along to a perfectly equipped hotel where you’ll fall asleep to the island silence and wake to a divine breakfast served on the sun-soaked terrace. Kamari, situated on the southeastern coast of the island, is replete with cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping, in addition to a Blue Flag beach where you can rent a sun bed and take in the Greek sun. The Kamar Seafront is composed of a black volcanic-sand beach as well as a pebble one, and is abundant with opportunity for scuba diving, jet skiing, boat tours, and dining on fresh fish. The accommodation lining the coast include sprawling villas and opulent adults only hotels, which radiate nothing but class and indulgence.

Getting there

Despite the secluded, otherworldly energy of Santorini, the island is rather accessible, especially from within Europe. If you are coming from outside of Europe, fly first to Athens from where you can a (rather long) ferry ride or a quick 40-minute flight to the island’s airport in Thira (JTR) located just north of Kamari on the east side of the island. From the airport, the cab or bus ride is only between 15-40 minutes to Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani. There are plenty of busses that you can take around from village to village, and the island is really quite walkable. If that’s not interesting, you’ll see plenty of taxis or can pick up a rental car at the airport.

Santorini: Favorite Places

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