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Tea time meets clubbing, royal meets punk, corporate meets nightlife: Incompatible pairs in other cities find harmony in London. Whether cutting-edge fashion, new musical styles, rare art treasures or fusion cooking, this city is able to adapt to the desires of every traveler. In a 4 Star Hotel in London, you’ll experience all these extremes from the luxury of your room, with plenty of Pounds to spare!

4 Star Hotels London

With all the giddiness that comes with planning a trip to London, it can be daunting choosing from such a wide variety of hotel types and locations. We’ll make it easy for you: 4 star hotels in London stand out from this expansive list, promising to be the best choice in terms of price vs. quality. Accessibly located, equipped with splendid interior design, fine service, and comfortable rooms: For business or leisure, this is the way to stay in one of Europe’s favorite cultural capitals.

Where to spend the night in a 4 star hotel in London? London’s neighborhoods at a glance:

City of London: A Historic Heart, High Finance & Bankers

© Corinthia Hotel London The historical center of the city, or the City of London, is situated between Long Lane and the River Thames and home to the fascinating Tower of London and the stunning St. Paul’s Cathedral. Once comprising the whole city from its Roman settlement in 1 BC, the “Square Mile” now houses the financial district and boasts luxury shopping, unparalleled city scenery, and plenty of pubs to pop in for a beer with London’s elite. The skyline brandishes some of Europe’s most fascinating extremes: High-rise corporate buildings in the background and medieval alleyways in the foreground. At a 4 star hotel in the city’s cool and classy center, find perfectly crafted interior design, luxurious rooms, and breathtaking views of that famous London skyline.

Westminster: The Palace, Sightseeing & Tourism

In Westminster, stay palace-side in a 4 star hotel and you’ll feel like true royalty. Behind gorgeous facades, get comfortable in warm and decadently designed interiors that promise to make your stay in London absolutely perfect from morning to evening to morning. Along the River Thames, Westminster is a stop on every visitor’s agenda: Snap a picture with the changing guards at Buckingham Palace or watch the hour pass by way of Big Ben’s giant ticking fingers. To stand the same ground as generations of royalty on their respective wedding and crowning days, spring for a tour of Westminster Abbey and you won’t be disappointed. Westminster is the place to stay for those who want to be directly in the site-seeing action.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea: Young Trendsetters, Designers & Galleries

Both the smallest and most exclusive borough in London, Chelsea is known for its royal status – boasting cool clubbing, hip youth, and top of the line contemporary art. In 4 star hotels that reflect the stylish charm of the area, chill out on rooftop terraces or in chic and established in-house restaurants. A day in Chelsea starts in London’s famous department store, Harrods, where you can browse 1.1 million square feet of retail space and indulge in sweet delicacies in the food halls. After that, meander through the beloved Kensington Gardens, where you’ll find beautiful sculptures, lurking swans, and luscious greenery. Just north, Kensington consists of Victorian buildings and embassies, its own palace and natural history museum.

Mayfair & St. James’s: High End Shopping, Glamorous Hotels & Intellectuals

© Corinthia Hotel London Unmistakably British yet also super modern, the area encompassing Mayfair & St. James offers great shopping, traditional afternoon tea, and 4 star hotels that pride themselves on providing guests with the utmost glamor. For the other side of culture, don’t miss the long revered National Gallery, located at Trafalgar Square. Just north of these districts lies Bloomsbury home to London’s student and academic crowd. Brimming with elegant townhouses and the city’s most renowned academic and medical institutions, Bloomsbury is the perfect choice for those craving the company of intellectuals and the cultural elite.

Soho & Covent Garden: Nightlife, Street Culture & the Gay Scene

Soho offers the best clubbing in London, promising to impress with its 24/7 trendy underground party scene — any and all night owls will have a blast traversing the area at all hours. In the one of the most popular shopping districts in London, Carnaby Street, find vintage steals tucked between designer stores. Covent Garden is a favorite for travelers from all over the world. Theater and music lovers will find it especially interesting, as the West End is known as the main entertainment district — with experiences ranging from loud techno music in crazy clubs to Wagner at the Royal Opera House. A 4 star hotel in Soho or Covent Garden is the best choice if you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between ‘round the clock stimulation and chic comfort.

Paddington & Marylebone: Family Fun, Cool Museums & Green Space

For a stay away from the more bustling quarters, the Paddington and Marylebone districts are composed of chic residential neighborhoods with village-like feels, complete with beautiful Victorian architecture, fun museums for the whole family, and more shopping. Paddington is home to the charming Little Venice, filled with wandering canals and boat-renting opportunities. On a sunny day with the little ones, take a boat from Paddington to the ZSL London Zoo, and check out the interactive zoo experiences. Marylebone, with its diverse architecture and suite of exciting destinations, is also the place for big Beatles fans — make sure to pass by John Lennon’s once-flat on Montagu Square. At a 4 star hotel in Paddington or Marylebone, you’ll be surrounded by all the style and family-friendly charm you can ask for — without breaking the bank.

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