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Mayfair makes for the perfect spot for 5 star trips, with a huge range of fantastic hotels that make it a hotspot for luxury travellers from all over the world. Enjoy the exclusive entertainment, culture and proximity to other interesting sights around London from your 5 star Mayfair hotel.

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5 Star Hotels London - Mayfair

5 star hotels in Mayfair, London are the epitome of luxury in London. Its central location offers proximity to all the top sights as well as a huge range of many of the world’s most exclusive clubs and restaurants.

Entertainment in Mayfair

The bar, nightclub and restaurant scene in Mayfair is arguably the most dynamic and fashionable in the entirety of London. With pop-ups appearing all the time in this trendy quarter, as well as dependable favourites, visitors will be on the doorstep of the most lavish and talked-about spots in the city. Enjoy the elegance of the area’s most charming and extravagant venues.

A centre of art and culture

The other excellent offering that Mayfair boasts for visitors is its exciting art and cultural scene. Small galleries and more established museums in the district frequently have events frequented by the most exciting names in the art world. Simply strolling the streets and popping into exhibitions that catch your eye is a highly enjoyable experience here, and visitors may even find a few pieces to purchase here.

The heart of London

From Mayfair visitors will be able to catch a cab or simply stroll to the world’s favourite shopping thoroughfares: Oxford Street, with its high street favourites; Regent Street, famous for higher-end outlets; and Bond Street, perfect for jewellery and top designers. You’ll also be a short distance from favourite landmarks including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and many more.

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