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Special, unique, stylish: The Adriatic coast is the home of many first-class boutique hotels in Croatia. Holidaymakers who are looking for that certain something and appreciate the individual design of the houses are just right in a boutique hotel. In addition, Croatia shines with historical old towns in Dubrovnik and Split, convinces with dream beaches such as the Golden Horn on the island of Brac and reveals the most beautiful natural spectacles of the country in the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Boutique Hotels Croatia

The boutique hotels in Croatia belong to selected, mostly privately managed houses and are dedicated to one theme. There are boutique hotels with a modern design or delicate romanticism, which is reflected in the furnishings and atmosphere of the accommodation. If you want to enjoy some togetherness or for those who want to treat themselves for the best weeks of the year, the living experience in one of these boutique hotels is something very special. Whether you want to relax in the sun, go hiking and diving in the most beautiful places or discover historical sights; it is up to you to decide how you want to spend your time. But one thing is for sure: Croatia is always worth a trip!

Boutique Hotels in Croatia: The most important regions & places at a glance

The most beautiful cities of Croatia: Dubrovnik & Split

© Amadria Park Hotel Royal In Croatia the boutique-hotels are mostly all located directly or near the sea. It’s no wonder; the Croatian Adriatic coast is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and is adorned with historical buildings and charming little port towns. One of them is Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia. The city on the waterfront is one of the most beautiful sights in the country and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its special old town since 1979. It is characterized by its numerous monuments and medieval architecture as well as buildings from the baroque and renaissance periods. The city walls and fortifications of Dubrovnik are a special attraction as they are among the best preserved fortifications in Europe. In addition, a visit to the old town will take you past famous churches and squares, including Dubrovnik’s old Romanesque cathedral from the 18th century, St. Dominic’s church as an important Gothic building, Marin Dr¸i? square and Stradun main street. Among the sightseeing favourites is Split, which is the second largest city in Croatia after Zagreb. Here too, boutique holidaymakers can look forward to an authentic old town and places steeped in history. One of the highlights is the Diocletian’s Palace, a building complex from ancient times, which served as the retirement residence of the Roman emperor Diocletian. The cultural influences of the past centuries have left their traces everywhere in the old town of Split and tell a part of the city’s history. After an extensive tour of discovery and the many new impressions, you can end the day in a cosy restaurant on the Riva promenade in the evening. Both Dubrovnik and Split often served as film sets for the successful series Game of Thrones due to their well-preserved old towns.

The most beautiful beaches and islands of Croatia: The Golden Horn of Brac & the island of Krk

What would a luxurious holiday in a boutique hotel be without a day at the beach? The islands, coasts and beaches of the Adriatic Sea are a true dream and reveal the most beautiful sides of Croatia: finest white sand beach meets crystal clear water, which shimmers turquoise blue and alternates between shallow and deeper parts. Just relax and let your soul dangle or try out diving or surfing; on the Croatian Adriatic coast you can do it without any problems. One of the most beautiful beaches is definitely the Golden Horn on the island of Brac, which belongs to the Dalmatia region. The name comes from the beach’s horn-shaped appearance, which is particularly noticeable in aerial photographs. On the island of Krk, tourists can also find some dream beaches, including the bay of Vela Luka, the beach Oprna and the beach Potovosce. A boat trip to the Elaphite Islands is also worthwhile.

Activities and excursions in Croatia: The Plitvice Lakes National Park, Jama Baredine & the Blue Grotto on the island of Bisevo

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is an absolute must during a holiday in Croatia. Even if the temptation is great to stay in your own beautiful boutique hotel, a day trip to the impressive national park should definitely be planned. It is the largest in Croatia and one of the oldest national parks in Europe. Cascade-shaped lakes, fascinating flora and fauna as well as breathtaking landscapes make up the nature reserve and often amaze holidaymakers. In the northwest of Croatia there is the next attraction: Jama Baredine. This is a shaft cave, which can be visited in a total of five different parts and offers spectacular pictures with the help of different colour installations. If you want to stay close to the water, book a tour to the island of Bisevo. There, the famous Blue Grotto awaits you, which can be visited by rowing or canoeing boat.

The journey to Croatia

Arriving by plane is the fastest way to get to Croatia. Many German cities have daily flights to Croatia, with times and flight connections adjusted according to the season. Mostly bigger Croatian cities like Zagreb, Spilt, Zadar or Dubrovnik are approached. From there, holidaymakers have the possibility to rent a car and arrive at their final destination in a selected boutique hotel.

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