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Surrounded by lush alpine foothills, opulent villas, vineyards and fairytale villages, Lake Como is a wonderland for the wealthy and adventurous. Lake hotels along Lake Como’s shore benefit from access to Italy’s most famous lake; with plenty of stunning towns, hiking opportunities, biking and more to enjoy beyond the serenity of your 5-hotel. Lake hotels along Lake Como are hand-selected and unique, guaranteeing an idyllic escape.

Lake Hotels Lake Como

Located in northern Italy in the foothills of the Alps, Lake Como is a scenic destination well known as a hotspot for the rich and famous. Historic lakeside villas are dotted all around this romantic location, and there are plenty of pretty towns to base yourself while on vacation here. Lake hotels around Lake Como will have access to guest-only beaches on the water, swimming pools, fabulous restaurants and cozy interiors with stunning views.

Lake Hotels on Lake Como: Charming, Unique Escapes to the most Beautiful Lakeside Retreats in Northern Italy

Lake Como: Romance, Villas and Rich Mountainscapes

Stay with a lake hotel on Lake Como to explore all the timeless charm of this prosperous destination, including tours of the grand waterfront villas and towns which the area has become famous for. If you’re interested in exploring some of these glorious properties, you’re in luck, as many are open to the public over the tourist season and are today used to house art and museums. Spend some time admiring the works in Villa Carlotta – a gorgeous neoclassical building filled with frescoes sequestered in beautifully maintained gardens. Another stunning location is Villa del Balbianello, found along Lake Como’s western shore. The sprawling, romantic villa was built in the 12th century and today can be recognized for its starring role in the Star Wars and James Bond franchises. The biggest towns on the lake are Lecco and Como, both of which are exceptional locations for visitors with a lake hotel on Lake Como. Como’s grand cathedral is its biggest attraction, but the meandering, colorful streets and myriad of churches mean that there’s plenty to explore. The region is also the silk capital of Italy, and Como features a museum highlighting the region’s history with the precious fabric. In the shadow of Monte Resegone, Lecco tempts with recreational activities alongside timeless architecture. The town lies on the eastern shore of the lake, and is dominated by the Basilica di San Nicolò with its souring bell tower offering spectacular views. Its access to the mountains makes Lecco a popular location for active visitors staying with a lake hotel on Lake Como, as the surrounding mountains boast spectacular hiking. One of the best ways to explore the lake is from the water, and you can enjoy trips to all over Como using the public ferry which departs from Como, Bellagio, Lecco and Piona, taking in many of the area’s blissful shorelines and villas.

Further Gorgeous Lakes in Northern Italy

Northern Italy is gifted with several stunning lakes. Beyond lake hotels on Lake Como, the region is gifted with further lake escapes such as Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano. Lake hotels in Northern Italy provide the ultimate romantic escape, with many offering facilities such as private beaches, spa facilities and stunning lake views. In the hot Italian summers, locals flock to lake hotels on Lake Garda. A short drive from Verona, Lake Garda’s medieval towns look as though they have been plucked from the pages of fairytales – especially the Sirmione on the lake’s southern shore. Scaligero Castle is the historic center of the whole lake, connecting the medieval island town with the mainland. The alpine foothills on Garda’s western shore hide a treasure trove of waterfalls, mountain walks and vantage points for active guests. Lake Maggiore, on the other hand, is home to the intriguing Borromean Islands. What were once barren rocks off the shore of Sestri, today are dominated by stunning 17th century villas and the even more impressive English gardens. For a more compact escape, Lake Lugano lies just east of the vast Maggiore. This glacial lake ventures into Southern Switzerland making it easy to just hop across the border and visit Lugano – the lake’s central town. This Swiss town is unique thanks to its location in the Italian-speaking Ticino region, and that is represented in the town’s architecture, cuisine and culture. One of the best places to see this amalgamation of cultures is in the heart of the city which boasts Mediterranean-style buildings and sub-tropical plants. Parco Civico-Ciani is a fine example of this and also provides gorgeous views over Lake Lugano into Italy. Lake hotels on Lake Como, Garda, Maggiore or Lugano will leave you breathless, and offer a diverse and romantic getaway throughout the year.

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