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Historic Hotels Alps

Historic Hotels Alps have something to suit everyone – whether that’s breathtaking views of the region’s mountains and world-famous hiking trails in Austria or the lakes and picturesque valleys in Switzerland. In the Alps you get to experience the adrenaline rush that comes with winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, or sightseeing, shopping and fine dining in the nearby the big cities such as Zurich, Vienna or Munich. Why not take a stroll around the historic streets of an Altstadt, visit the vast English Gardens in Munich or climb the Donauturm in Vienna to gain an impressive overview of the city? If you are interested in historical castles, take a trip to Viennas Castle Schönbrunn or visit King Ludwig II’s fantastic Neuschwanstein Castle in the southwest of the Bavaria. Historic Hotels Alps vary and could include traditional guesthouses, former palaces and converted monasteries.

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