The Best Hotels in Costa de la Luz

Hotels in Costa de la Luz

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Spain is exceptionally generous when it comes to coastal areas – they are many, possess developed infrastructure, boast warm climate and fabulous surroundings, as well as rich cultural life and historical sights being relatively close to the resort area. Costa de la Luz wholly corresponds to these criteria, being a preeminent destination for all those who enjoy taking a swim each morning while on vacation and would like to go to bed accompanied by the lullaby of the sea. Apart from usual beaches, Costa de la Luz features great opportunities for golf, surfing, boating and suchlike sports. Being close to Cadiz, it opens up many possibilities for fabulous Costa de la Luz hotels, sightseeing, hanging out in the city and enjoining vibrant day- and nightlife. Yet the main treasure of this land is the sea, its great climate, clear and healing water, the atmosphere of serenity and ultimate peace – enough to invigorate you for the future challenges.

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