The Best Hotels in Cádiz

With the old town of Tarifa on the Strait of Gibraltar, the Cadiz region has reached its southernmost point. When you leave Tarifa, you also leave Europe geographically and head for Africa. Whale and dolphin sightings are not uncommon at this point. The Andalusian beaches are just an encore. Cádiz has a lot to offer visitors. Whether castles, monasteries, old palaces or Moorish Alcazars, the region offers everyone a variety of things to see. Hotels in Cádiz are premium establishments, characterized by style and romance.

Hotels in Cádiz

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Cádiz is located in southern Spain and offers tourists a bevy of reasons to visit. Many hotels in Cádiz are located on or near the beaches, advantageous for swimmers, surfers and sailors who prefer not to have large distances between the beach and their hotels. Cádiz is also replete with beautiful and historic architecture that reflects the city\'s rich history, which dates back to the time of the Phoenicians. The hotels in Cádiz range from cheaper accommodations for students and travelers on a low budget to the more exquisite five-star and luxury hotels preferred by those who like to indulge while on vacation. All hotels in Cádiz promise a place to sleep after a long day exploring everything the city has to offer.

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