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Cologne offers various boutique hotels that show visitors the best sides of Cologne. With its historical buildings, museums and cultural gatherings, the city has become a destination for history buffs, art lovers and students of both new and ancient architecture. The cosy and modern boutique hotels of Cologne also cater to those who want to enjoy the lively nightlife, shopping opportunities and trendy restaurants, offering a combination of comfort and luxury.

Boutique Hotels Cologne

Cologne is a unique piece of German history with its many churches, cathedrals and museums by the banks of the flowing Rhine river. The city is located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region and has a variety of boutique hotels in different Cologne districts for every taste.

Where to stay in a Boutique Hotel in Cologne? The best spots at a glance:

The Cultural and Historical Centre of the City: Innenstadt

© THE QVEST hideawayThe individual style and refined qualities of a boutique hotel go well with this characteristic city. Discerning travellers, who appreciate the architectural wonders, exquisite designer shops and elaborate museums, will feel right at home in a Cologne boutique hotel where nothing is left to chance. Visitors to boutique hotels in Innenstadt will be close to the cultural and historical treasures of the city. Cologne boasts a multitude of churches, but the irrefutable star is the magnificent Cologne Cathedral. Its two great spires tower over the Old Town where cobbled streets and colourful houses invite to evening walks along the Rhine. Another good way to catch the great vistas of the city is from one of the river boat tours. Guests can rest their legs, zip a local beer and enjoy the views. As Cologne represents both the old and the new, all one has to do is choose. Museum Ludwig has an extensive collection of modern art, Schildergasse is the main shopping street in Cologne with all the most popular brands, and hip Ehrenstrasse offers those special somethings to set you apart from the rest.

The Artistic Corner of Cologne: Ehrenfeld

Ehrenfeld is one of the most popular districts of Cologne. With its warehouse clubs, art galleries, theatres and dive bars, the district has become a centre for artistic gatherings attracting art lovers from all around the world. The region hosts not only art and film studios of several artists but also fascinating interior design boutiques. The district is an active and lively area especially since it accommodates the best dance clubs and performance halls of Cologne. The Live Music Hall gathers a diverse audience seeking entertainment, fun and inspirational performances. Ehrenfeld also offers cosy restaurants and pubs where rock and punk fans like to meet before the concerts and music shows.

The Peaceful Neighbourhood of Cologne: Highlights of Nippes

Nippes is a magical district with beautiful old buildings, green parks and picturesque squares. While the Neusser Straße, the main artery of the neighbourhood, is busy and noisy, residents prefer to relax in the peaceful car-free neighbourhood known as Sechzig-Viertel. Nippeser Tälchen is another quiet park where holiday guests can relax and have a picnic lunch. The neo-Gothic style Kulturkirche is one of the most extraordinary stages of the city where concerts, readings, cabarets, and other events are held regularly. The district is also a hit for antique lovers. On Wilhelmplatz in the heart of district, a flea market takes place several Sundays a year, gathering more than 150 collectors.

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