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Samba, football and caipirinha: joie de vivre and sandy beaches characterise the image of Brazil. But this gigantic country is even more diverse. It is so big that all of Europe would fit into it. The almost 8,000 km long coast varies from small sandy bays directly at the jungle's edge all the way to the high society beaches à la Copacabana. The main cities Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo dominate the southeast of Brazil. Further north are the colourful and music-loving cities. Exciting holiday experiences can be found in the hotels in the interior of Brazil. Surrounded by jungle, natural highlights and national parks like the Iguazú waterfalls.

Where to stay in hotels in Brazil The most important cities and regions at a glance:

Rio de Janeiro: Sandy Beach & Carnival

In the southeast of Brazil, directly on the South Atlantic Ocean, lies Rio de Janeiro – the second largest but most famous city in Brazil. The city lies at the feet of the statue of Christ: Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana, skyscrapers shining in the dark. Life in Rio de Janeiro revolves around samba, football and takes place mostly on the beaches. Beside the world-famous Copacabana are the not-so-famous but equally beautiful beaches Ipanema and Leblon. The probably most luxurious beach hotels of Brazil are right at the boardwalks. Every year, the carnival attracts hundreds of thousands of Brazilians and visitors. Then the best samba schools in the city drive the spectators into a frenzy of drum rolls and colours.

São Paulo: Megametropolis & young art

São Paulo is the capital of Brazil. For many visitors, the gigantic city with its almost 20 million inhabitants can seem intimidating at first. Those who are not discouraged by this discover an exciting city full of superlatives. The inhabitants of the city, the Paulistanos, work hard and treat themselves a lot. Going out and shopping is part of everyday life in São Paulo. There are more than 12,500 restaurants and even more bars and music clubs in the city. Shopping malls are also indispensable. The particularly chic malls, such as the São Paulo Villa Daslu, even have helipads for their guests. The city's art scene is booming. Young galleries and contemporary artists are attracting international attention. The capital of Brazil is therefore also home to many design hotels and, of course, state-of-the-art city hotels.

Salvador: Musical coastal city & tropical beaches

The coastal city of Salvador is fun-loving, open-minded and creative. In the port city, cultures from all over the world meet. In Salvador there seems to be a reason to celebrate every day. Here too, carnival is the highlight of the year. With almost 1.5 million visitors a year, it attracts even larger crowds than its famous brother in Rio. Often the carnival groups practice all year round and holidaymakers get to see improvised samba performances or drum concerts. Spontaneous live concerts are the order of the day in this musical city anyway. Many hotels in Brazil's former capital concentrate on the colourful Pelourinho district with its colourful colonial buildings and decorated churches. The city is located on the so-called All Saints' Bay. Thus it is surrounded by almost 20 km of coast and many small bays with sandy beaches.

Iguazú: Waterfalls & National Parks in the Jungle

In the jungle on the border between Brazil and Argentina lies the Iguazú waterfall. Translated to English, the name means – big water – and that is no understatement. With a length of almost 2.7 km, the stream falls into the depths and splits into hundreds of water streams. At the highest points it goes down 82 m steeply. The jungle around the falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some hotels in Brazil are located directly in the national park. They meet high ecological standards. In the early morning and late evening the hotel guests have the impressive natural wonder all to themselves while the national park is still closed. Not far from the spectacular falls is also the town of Foz do Iguaçu.

If you don't like Brazil as a holiday destination, you are recommended to visit Argentina with your capital Buenos Aires.

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