The Best Boutique Hotels in Bath

Bath has something to offer to culture lovers, history buffs, and architecture enthusiasts alike. By focusing on smaller details, Bath’s boutique hotels offer visitors rooms with a personalized touch. Travelers tend to prefer these hotels over others because of the outstanding customer service they offer.

Boutique Hotels in Bath

Boutique Hotels in Bath © the Royals Cresent

Bath is a city in Britain famous for its 2000-year-old Roman baths and well-preserved Georgian houses. Offering wonderful facilities and personalized customer service, Bath boutique hotels offer visitors a taste of this diverse and historic city.

Museums in Bath

While visitors are enjoying a stay with a boutique hotel in Bath, they can also visit the numerous museums within the city. The Fashion Museum contains a fantastic collection of historical and contemporary clothing. Situated in the Assembly Rooms, this museum has items dating back to the 16th century. The American Museum in Britain is located in the Somerset countryside and offers travelers a unique collection of maps, quilts, and art from the Colonial and Civil War times. Visitors can also be a part of different events that re-enact great battles from American history.

Historic landmarks in and around Bath

Built in the 75 BC, the Roman Baths are one of the most iconic landmarks of Bath. According to a popular legend, a British king discovered the healing powers of these hot springs around 500 years ago. There may be some truth behind this claim because the water here is made up of 43 different minerals. Approximately 55km from Bath is the most renowned monument in Britain, Stonehenge. These enormous stones are a mystery to this day, and were placed sometime between 3000 and 1500 BC.

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