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Bath is a fantastic spot for luxury hotels because it truly offers something for every type of visitor. Close enough to the capital but far more serene, guests can discover a truly unique side of British history, including its Roman heritage. There are also many contemporary entertainment options, and it’s simply delightful to walk through in summer.

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Luxury Hotels Bath

Luxury hotels in Bath open up the opportunity to explore one of England’s most beautiful and unique historic towns.

The gorgeous historic remnants of Great Britain

Bath is so named because of the naturally-occurring geothermal hot springs here which the Roman settlers made use of by building their famous public bath houses. In fact, it’s the only place in the entire country with mineral hot springs, which truly bring Britain’s Roman past to life. As a focal point of the city, they’re often used for cultural gatherings and even special late night and musical performances.

Antique and contemporary culture

There are a number of other incredible historic and cultural sites in Bath with luxury hotels largely centred around the core of the city, allowing easy access to the sights. Bath Abbey was founded in the seventh century and is an impressive example of Gothic architecture sitting close to the River Avon. The Theatre Royal is built in the Georgian style and often features performances including musicals and drama.

A summer dream in England

Although the sights are all wonderful to visit at any time of year, and Somerset in general enjoys mild weather even in winter, Bath is lovely to visit in summer. Walking along the river, visitors will see the beautiful Royal Crescent, one of Britain’s most famous streets with stunning terraced houses, and a pretty park to spend time in when the sun is out.

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