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Bath is one of England’s great cities of history and culture. With a world famous Roman Bathhouse, a beautiful abbey as well as interesting winding streets full of great shops and boutiques, Bath 5 star hotels are truly a fantastic place to stay for both the lover of culture and the lover of history – and not least for anyone who would enjoy a revitalising and relaxing retreat in idyllic south-west England.

5 Star Hotels Bath

Bath is one of England’s most beautiful and historically significant cities. It is a city which feels wholly distinct from any other city in the country. It is full of grand Georgian architecture, its famous hot spring, many sites of profound historical interest and dozens of independent and unique shops. It is no wonder that Bath has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This, as well as Bath’s exquisite 5 star hotels, make it a wonderful place to stay.

Wellness and luxury

The city’s most famous landmark, and indeed one of the most famous historical sites in Europe, is the remarkably well preserved Ancient Roman Bathhouse. It was built on the site of a natural hot spring, the waters of which still supply the city and the local modern spas. Every visitor to Bath should enjoy a massage or a beauty treatment. Afterwards, a box of handcrafted chocolates from the local chocolatier is the perfect souvenir.

Historic Bath

Bath is renowned for its huge, ornate Abbey. For a thousand years, Christians have worshiped at this site; at the Abbey of today, the Saxon monastery, or the Norman cathedral. Outside of bath, is Solsbury hill, which once housed an Iron Age hill fort, as well as being a potential site for the famous Battle of Badon Hill.

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