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Berlin: Favorite Places

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Hotels Berlin

Are you looking for selected Berlin Hotels? Experience Berlin in close-up in Escapio`s hand-picked Berlin Hotels. Berlin is the capital of Germany - and the city of superlatives. This also shows in the Berlin Hotels. 7.000 pubs and restaurants, 175 Berlin museums - visitors to Berlin will not get bored. The mixture between East and West, modernity and history, as well as the fact that Berlin is a multicultural and sophisticated city create a unique atmosphere. Many attractions in Berlin such as the Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, Gendarmenmarkt, Gedächtniskirche or the Reichstag all wait to be discovered. In Berlin Mitte and around Prenzlauer Berg a new creative center for art, music and fashion has emerged. Also four big shopping centers add to the versatility of Berlin: the Kurfürstendamm in the west with department stores and boutiques, Friedrichstrasse in East Berlin with exclusive fashion labels, inbetween is the Potsdamer Platz with the big shopping mall ´Arkaden` and also in the east of Berlin in the area around the Hackesche Höfe you can find young and trendy fashion shops. Berlin definitely qualifies for a short trip but even better is to discover Berlin during a longer stay to cover all the exciting facets the city has to offer. We have the following Berlin Hotels for you: Design Hotels Berlin, Wellness Hotels Berlin, 4 Star Hotels Berlin, 5 Star Hotels Berlin, Romantic Hotels Berlin, Conference Hotels Berlin and Historic Hotels Berlin. Discover Berlin in one of our selected Berlin Hotels!