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One of Sicily’s most beautiful and popular summer vacation destinations, the seaside town of Taormina has long been a stylish hangout for literary icons and history enthusiasts. Combining all the best parts of the Mediterranean’s largest island, beach hotels in Taormina have access to gorgeous Sicilian coastlines, Mount Etna, ancient structures and delicious cuisine. Book a beach hotel in Taormina for a blissful vacation with family, friends and loved ones.

Beach Hotels Taormina

Located on the east coast of Sicily, Taormina’s position overlooking the stunning Ionian Sea has made it a popular vacation destination since the 18th century. Home to a stunning Greek amphitheater that overlooks the ocean and a charming and traditional town center, beach hotels in Taormina combine the best of a beach vacation with the magic of Sicily. Exciting excursions to Mount Etna, Palermo and Syracuse are also right on your doorstep.

Beach Hotels in Taormina: The Best Coastal Hotels in Sicily’s Most Luxurious Vacation Destination

Taormina: A Historic & Picturesque Resort on the Sicilian Coast

Whether you’re looking to party with Europe’s high-flyers, indulge in luxury shopping, explore historic sites or simply unwind on a beach, hotels in Taormina have you covered. With ocean views, private sun loungers, swimming pools and exceptional facilities, Taormina’s beach hotels are some of the best beach hotels in Italy. There are several exceptional beaches along Taormina’s beautiful coastline, but the Isola Bella is possibly the most remarkable. A strip of white sand stretches out into the crystal blue water, connecting a small verdant islet to the mainland. Be careful though, the islet becomes cut off at high tide! Mazzarò is another blissful beach spot with sun loungers and umbrellas located just north of the Isola Bella. One of the best things about this beach is that it’s accessible via an exciting cable car ride over the town. The third beach in the area – Giardini Naxos – is the longest, and is lined with beach bars, restaurants and an exclusive nightlife so you won’t have to venture far for a good time. Beach hotels in Taormina also place you in a gorgeous resort town packed with history and charm. The famed Ancient Greek theater of Taormina (Teatro Antico di Taormina) is one of the area’s biggest attractions. Dating from the 3rd century BCE, the well-preserved ruins come with panoramic views over Taormina’s stunning coastline. Taormina isn’t a large town, so your beach hotel will be located within walking distance of the delightful center. Take a wander along the town’s main street, the picturesque Corso Umberto I, and stop to cool down with a Sicilian Granita – an icy confectionary only found on the island. An excursion to Taormina Castle should also be on any itinerary, as the climb up rewards you with stunning panoramic views over town, theater and coastline.

Sicily: Sun-Kissed Coastlines and Ancient Wonders

While Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy, the Mediterranean island retains much of its own traditions and culture, making it a unique place to explore on a vacation in Europe. Beach hotels in Sicily can be found all along its gorgeous coastline, including the capital Palermo. There are several exceptional beaches along Palermo’s 150 kilometers coastline, each offering a variety of activities for families who want to play in the sand or scuba divers looking to explore the rich world beneath the waves. Palermo is also home to the creepy Capuchin Catacombs – a burial chamber where you can experience the remains of 8000 corpses and 1250 mummies housed here from 1599. There are also several wonderful excursions that should not be missed by anyone with a beach hotel in Taormina – including a trip to Mount Etna. Rising high above the island, Etna is an otherworldly destination on Sicily’s eastern coast, only an hour from Taormina. It’s also Europe’s most active volcano, so make you check what’s going on at the summit before exploring. Around the base of mountain there are several stunning natural wonders to explore, including the Alcantara Gorge. Created by the lava that flowed from Etna’s crater, the gorge makes for an adventurous excursion from Taormina, and offers thrilling activities such as hiking, swimming and body rafting. Syracuse is another fantastic destination to visit from your beach hotel in Taormina. For ancient sites and wild coastlines, few places in Sicily are as captivating. Start your beach vacation in Syracuse by exploring the Marine Reserve Plemmirio, where protected coves offer respite from the sun and deep blue coastlines hide countless wonders. It lies just south of the city’s historic center – the island of Ortigia – which is where you’ll find ancient sites like the ruins of the Greek Temple of Apollo and the magnificent Cathedral of Syracuse. Beach hotels in Taormina mean Sicily’s wonders are close at hand.

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