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Fancy a beach vacation with access to one of Europe’s most vibrant cities? If so, a beach hotel in Northern Spain is the ideal solution. Relax on a diverse coastline with miles of sandy beach, friendly locals and access to Barcelona, Bilboa and Pontevendra. Spend days unwinding on the sand under the Barcelona sun, or hike around rolling hills and coastal estuaries of the breathtaking Basque Country. Beach hotels in Northern Spain mean you can decide exactly the kind of vacation you want.

Beach Hotels Northern Spain

While the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands attract travelers for their plentiful vacation possibilities and Mediterranean atmosphere, Northern Spain’s lush landscape, national parks and unique coastline make for a totally new and exciting adventure. From Catalonia to the Basque Country, discover this deeply traditional part of the country with a luxury hotel right on the coast. Beach vacations in Northern Spain will not disappoint.

Beach Hotels in Northern Spain: Combining the best of the city and the sea

Discover the Basque Country in San Sebastian & Pontevedra

Spain’s northerly coast stretches from sprawling beachside city of San Sebastian to the charming Pontevedra province, encompassing miles of oceanside retreats, stunning rock formations and scenic sandy beaches. San Sebastian is beautiful, and the perfect place to indulge with a beach hotel in Northern Spain. Located on the Bay is Biscay in the Basque Country, San Sebastian is a gem of culinary excellence and beachside bliss. One of the world’s greatest food destinations, it’s here that you can indulge in Michelin-starred cuisine alongside sumptuous plates of local tapas. A luxury beach hotel overlooking San Sebastian’s golden coast, flower-filled streets and sun-soaked promenade makes for a dreamy getaway. Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula is the Spanish city of Pontevedra, offering a very different kind of environment to what you might find in San Sebastian. The city lies at the mouth of the Verdugo River, and does not offer a beach vacation in the traditional sense. Instead, Pontevedra is the perfect base to explore the Rías Baixas; a system of beautiful coastal estuaries. Base yourself in Pontevedra to hike along dramatic windswept coastlines, discover deserted coves and enjoy breathtaking views over the Atlantic.

Join the Party in Catalonia

With its own language, culture and cuisine, Catalonia is a unique region to visit. Its 580 kilometers of stunning Mediterranean coastline also mean it’s a great destination for a beach hotel, with options stretching from sleepy fishing towns to giant cities. Bask in the festival atmosphere of Sitges, a coastal town in the shadow of the Garraf Mountains. A beach hotel in this Northern Spanish hotspot has the ideal micro-climate, making outdoor activities possible at any time of year. Sitges’s seafront promenade is packed with beach bars and tapas restaurants, serving up iconic Catalonian dishes like Esqueixada (salted cod salad with tomato and onion) and Escudella stew. The town becomes a lively fiesta each February when some 250,000 revelers descend on Sitges for Carnival, so it’s best to book your beach hotel well in advance during this time. Of course, a beach vacation to Northern Spain would be incomplete without a stop in Barcelona, one of Europe’s most exciting and attractive cities. It’s a city that needs little introduction: famous for its exquisite Gaudi architecture, vast sandy beaches and the best paella in the world. Stay with a beach hotel on La Barceloneta to discover the pulse of this vibrant city. Located right on the coast, this district attracts sun-seekers for its golden sands which lead to an enormous harbor and aquarium. It’s also home to luxury beach hotels offering sweeping views over the Mediterranean. If you fancy a spot of culture during your stay, you can spend an afternoon admiring over 1,000 years of art at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC).

Fantastic Beach Vacations in Spain

While Northern Spain is an excellent location for a beach hotel, the rest of the country is equally captivating. If Barcelona doesn’t take your fancy, why not explore Valencia? This city on the southeast coast is often overlooked for more well-known beach destinations like the Costa del Sol, but Valencia provides a unique blend of modernity and culture which makes it an intriguing destination. The old town of El Carmen is teaming with tapas bars, restaurants and historic sites, all easily accessible from a beach hotel overlooking the ocean in La Malva Rosa. Further stunning beaches with translucent water and golden sand can be found in the Balearic Islands to the east of Spain. This three-island chain attracts visitors for its sun-soaked coasts and medieval wonders. Book a beach hotel on Mallorca to discover the Tramuntana Mountains by bike, or spend your days snorkeling and kayaking in the crisp, calm Mediterranean. The choice is yours with beach hotels in Spain.

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