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Indulge in opulent delicacies in San Sebastian, spend hours admiring art inside Bilbao’s Guggenheim museum, tour the dynamic coast and visit iconic sites in Santiago de Compostela. Boutique hotels in Northern Spain will situate you among some of Spain’s most exciting regions. Unique hotels with beautifully designed interiors, exceptional facilities and doting staff will enhance your getaway, so you can focus on getting to know the rich atmosphere of Northern Spain.

Boutique Hotels Northern Spain

A boutique hotel in Northern Spain provides a charming and unique environment for exploring this desirable vacation destination, with hotels that pride themselves on customer care and quality design. From the vibrant coastal cities of the Basque country to the medieval wonders of the Galicia region, a boutique hotel in Northern Spain will make your vacation truly exceptional.

Boutique Hotels in Northern Spain: Unique and Exciting Accommodation for Travelers in Northern Spain

San Sebastian & Bilbao: Culinary excellence & rich art history

San Sebastian, also known as Donostia, is simply irresistible. Located across the Bay of Biscay from northern France, San Sebastian merges gorgeous beaches with a breathtaking old town and exceptional restaurant scene. Those with a boutique hotel in Northern Spain should not skip this wonderful city – especially its food. The Basque Country is known for its own version of Spanish tapas known as locally as pintxos, which can be enjoyed on a shoestring at the city’s popular pintxos bars. At the other end of the spectrum are San Sebastian’s Michelin-starred eateries, of which there are three within the city limits. Other than its food scene, San Sebastian tempts visitors with a wonderful climate, its iconic La Concha Beach and historic churches. In Bilbao, an exciting arts and culture scene attracts visitors with boutique hotels in Northern Spain. The innovative and imposing chrome façade of the Guggenheim Museum should be your first stop to enjoy the best of the city’s rich contemporary art scene. Further art in the city can be found at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Sala Rekalde Contemporary Art Gallery. Bilbao is also great for shopping and exploring and the boutique-lined streets of the medieval Casco Viejo are ideal for just that. The neighborhood is located just next to the lovely hillside Etxebarria Park which overlooks the city.

Santander & the coast: Dramatic coastlines

The rest of the Northern Spanish coast hides further gorgeous cities and intriguing sites. A visit to Santander is recommended to enjoy a city that’s a little off the tourist path, but provides plenty of activities, day trips and sites to visitors with a boutique hotel in Northern Spain. To truly capture the essence of this port city, take a walk along the Paseo de Pereda promenade where you can enjoy a coffee and breakfast overlooking the ocean. On a warm afternoon, relax along the beautiful El Sardinero beach sandwiched between luxurious 20th century architecture and gently lapping waves. Located around halfway between San Sebastian and Santander is a mythical site that has captured the attention of one of television’s most popular shows. Known as Gaztelugatxe, this spectacular peninsular is linked to the mainland by 231 steps leading to a 10th century hermitage. The site became the location of Dragonstone in the HBO’s Game of Thrones. Further sites along the Northern Spanish coast include the pretty, beach-lined town of Zarautz with its Palace of Narros, a 16th century renaissance building overlooking a beguiling park and wild seas.

Santiago de Compostela & Vigo: Bliss in the northwest

If you’re looking for further tranquility in Northern Spain, boutique hotels are the best choice for a peaceful retreat. Choose a unique and peaceful hotel near the world famous Santiago de Compostela to enjoy this stunning and ancient pilgrimage site away from the crowds who descend upon it each year after completing the Camino de Santiago. Their destination is the city’s cathedral, an enormous Roman Catholic church with an intricately carved façade and souring steeples. It’s rumored that the premises hold the remains of Saint James, one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. Another charming and unique location for a boutique hotel in Northern Spain is Vigo, just north of Portugal on the shores of the Vigo Estuary. Vigo is simply perfect for a boutique hotel, as the city’s attractions facilitate both a city break and a beach vacation. Vigo old town hasn’t changed much over the centuries, and you can still buy freshly caught oysters and homemade baskets along its ancient alleyways as locals have for hundreds of years. For coastal luxury, head to the beach clubs and cool bars along Praia de Samil – and indulge in the powder white sand and protected waters of the beach. Stunning and secluded beaches can be found a short ferry ride across the water on the gorgeous islands of San Martiño, Illa do Faro abd Illa de Monteagudo – collectively known as the Cíes Islands. Boutique hotels in Northern Spain help you get the most out of a romantic vacation in this diverse part of the country.

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