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Where else in the world can you escape to a luxurious spa, surrounded by ancient and modern palaces? In Palma de Mallorca, the bounty of the Mediterranean meets the brightness of Africa, and there are few more luxurious combinations. Ornate Moorish architecture is couched in an ambience of Mediterranean ease at Palma de Mallorca spa hotels. Feast on sumptuous organic, sun-ripened fruit and vegetables and fresh seafood as you drink in views of the glittering ocean from your decadent retreat.

Spa Hotels Palma de Mallorca

With crystalline turquoise water, fluttering palm fronds, and majestic Moorish castles, Palma de Mallorca has been a retreat worthy of royalty since the 8th century. Spa hotels in Palma de Mallorca make their visitors feel as though they had gone from rags to riches. Warm sunshine bathes royal palaces, medieval market squares are piled high with juicy, fresh produce, and golden beaches are lapped by sapphire sea.

The most beautiful Spa hotels in Palma de Mallorca

Jewels of the kingdom

Spa hotels in Palma de Mallorca bestow richness upon their guests that was once only for royalty. Minutes from your serene retreat rises the breathtaking Royal Palace of La Almudaina, with 13th-century turrets, flying buttresses, and avenues of palms mirrored by the palace’s artificial lake. You can just imagine the royal apartments’ former inhabitants reflecting in the waters, bedecked in imported gold and gemstones. Other treasures await aesthetes in Palma de Mallorca. The dreamy interiors of the city’s vast cathedral are the work of Antonio Gaudi and famous artist Miquel Marcelo, distinguishing this heavenly structure from any other cathedral in the world.

Otherworldly escapes

Abutting the Pala Episcopal is the paradisiacal Jardi del Bisbe. Here, sticky pomegranates flourish and lilies glide languidly beneath glittering fountains. The fragrance of orange and lemon trees accompanies the serene atmosphere, encouraging lazing in the dappled sunlight. Meanwhile, cocktails begin flowing poolside as the afternoon heat reaches its zenith, and four-poster recliners shade their relaxed occupants from the sunbeams. Scented pine sequesters blissful Cala Agulla from the world, while the water at Formentor Beach is transparent and welcomingly warm. The latter is a brief journey from your spa hotel, accessible by boat from the Port de Pollenca. You’ll find it well worth the commute for its virgin sand and mountain-backed splendour.

Sensory delights

Mallorca’s spa hotels are often centuries-old mansions enhanced by contemporary luxuries sourced from around the world. Awaken to the golden glow of the Mediterranean climate to wander the fruit stalls in the Mercat de s’Olivar. The colourful produce is organic, grown heavy and ripe minutes from the market in which you stand. The scent of almond blossom floats on the ozone-saturated breeze near the Marivent Palace, where the Spanish royal family spends summers. Nearby, Nassau Beach is lined with grand palms. Smiles of sand ring pools of turquoise water in the bays along Palma de Mallorca’s coastline, while gleaming yachts bob soporifically in the harbour. Come lunchtime, sample the fecundity of the region bottled in rich Mallorcan wines. Gastronomes are served baked seabass and dishes touched with African exoticisms in boutique restaurants. The works of Mallorcan painter Miro at his eponymous gallery are hardly less well realised, and the sophistication of the Miro Foundation’s well-groomed and curated halls contrasts pleasingly with sights of bucolic pastures frequented only by bell-toting goats.

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Palma de Mallorca: Favorite Areas

Palma de Mallorca: Favorite Areas

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