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Small hotels in the South of France offer travelers an intimate and tailored vacation surrounded by the rich French countryside. Small hotels on the French Riviera mean Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Nice are all easily accessible, and you can awake each morning to glittering views over the Mediterranean. Small, boutique hotels offer an intimate experience that guests find refreshing, and the South of France offers sun, sea, culture and history for the perfect vacation.

Small Hotels South of France

The South of France has long been a destination beloved by the rich and famous, and a small hotel in some of the South of France’s traditional towns and cities make for the perfect getaway with family or friends. From the golden beaches and luxury atmosphere of the French Riviera to the soaring peaks of the French Pyrenees, the South of France is a mystical and exciting destination.

Small Hotels in the South of France: Our top picks for the best places to stay in the French south

Luxury on the French Riviera

Few spots on the Mediterranean exude grandeur quite like the Côte D’Azur. The stretch of coastline between the Italian border and Marseille attracts Europe’s rich and famous for its Michelin-starred restaurant, designer shopping and world-famous festivals. Feel like a Hollywood star and book an intimate small hotel in Saint-Tropez. Famed for its turquoise water and sun-kissed streets, Saint-Tropez’s excusive atmosphere makes this the dream location for loved-up couples. Small hotels near the Saint-Tropez peninsula provide exceptional views over the Maures Mountains. Small hotels in Cannes are equally comfortable and luxurious, but make sure you book in advance before the Film Festival each year – you might be able to catch some of the world’s biggest stars walk the red carpet. The miles of golden beaches in Nice are popular with families, and a small hotel here means you can spend relaxed days reclined on the sand before catching a magnificent sunset from the Colline du Chateau.

Discover Traditional France in Avignon

Depart the French Riviera and head the Avignon for a touch of cosmopolitan atmosphere in a medieval city. The city once served as the center of the Catholic world, with the impressive and imposing Palais des Papes at the heart of this history. The stunning Gothic fortress stands in the heart of the city and was the papal residence for several decades in the 14th century. A small hotel in the heart of Avignon places you within walking distance of this architectural wonder, as well as the stunning 12th century Avignon Cathedral. Boat tours down the River Rhine will show off the city’s timeless beauty and well also take you past the intriguing Pont Saint-Bénézet which crosses half of the river. Also known as the Pont d’Avignon, the building of the bridge was abandoned in the 17th century and the remaining structure is now a World Heritage site. Small hotels in this traditionally French city provide a comfortable and educational stay in the South of France.

French Wine & Exceptional Countryside

Head south-west to the lesser explored French regions of Bordeaux and Dordogne for access to UNESCO World Heritage masterpieces, wonderful wine and exceptional hiking opportunities. Bordeaux’s grand boulevards and ornate architectural wonders are highlights of this ‘sleeping beauty,’ and a small hotel amongst the historic streets offer traditional alfresco dining and romantic walks along the mighty Garonne River. Head into the countryside and stay in a small hotel near the Southern French village of Bergerac. The regions of Bordeaux and Dordogne are one of the wine capitals of the world, so you’d be missing out if you didn’t try a class or two at the famous and fairytale-like Château de Monbazillac. Hiking in the Dordogne Valley is a wonderful way to admire the South of France’s captivating countryside. If you’re lucky you might stumble across prehistoric caves, medieval fortresses and sleepy market villages.

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