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Fascinating volcanic landscapes and quiet bays are as much a part of Bali as the likeable chaos in the capital Denpasar and the traditional architecture of the island. A small hotel is the perfect accommodation to relax and to get completely involved in Bali and life on the island. Safari experiences and diving in the Indian Ocean go just as well as a relaxed recreational program with traditional Balinese massages. An island that leaves an impression and is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia.

Small Hotels Bali

Manageable, cosy and familiar. In a small hotel on Bali you feel directly at home and can enjoy your holiday in the idyllic atmosphere to the full. The Indonesian island is not popular for nothing: No matter whether the hotel is located directly on the beach, as a luxury resort offers all possible comfort or is designated as a spa hotel the beautiful natural landscapes invite you to relax all year round due to the tropical climate and offer a real feeling of well-being with their fantastic backdrop.

Small hotels on Bali: The most important regions & places at a glance

Recreation on Bali: Relax on the most beautiful beaches & Wellness-Beauty-Program

© The Samaya Bali - Ubud The beaches on Bali are diverse. Dark volcanic sand can be found as often as white sand beaches. It is this diversity that makes the island so special and unique. If you want to relax a little, you can make yourself comfortable at the beautiful pool area of your own small hotel or discover the most beautiful beaches of Bali. One of the most popular is Kuta Beach in the south of the island. The lively beach promenade is very busy: cocktails are served at the beach bars, local restaurants offer regional cuisine and the beautiful boutiques offer fashion and souvenirs. More privacy and an idyllic tranquility can be found on Jimbaran Beach in the southwest of the island. But not only relaxation on the beach is a must for a holiday on Bali massages and beauty programs are also common on the island. Traditional treatments like the Balinese massage are very popular. Based on the teachings of Ayurveda and acupressure, the massage is very effective and relaxes body and mind.

Activities in Bali: Safari experiences & various water sports

After a comfortable day on the beach or in your own pool area, there are plenty of adventures waiting for you outside the small hotels: The different water sports on the island are right at the top; from surfing, rafting and kayaking to diving and snorkelling. The underwater world in the Indian Ocean is fascinating and so it is no wonder that many divers come to Bali to take advantage of the ideal conditions for diving. For all non-water sport fans there is also a lot to discover on land. The safari tours in the Marine Park in the southeast of the island are very popular with many holidaymakers and offer a unique experience. Impressive animals such as lions and elephants can be very close and a tour guide will give you a lot of background information about the impressive animals and their habitat.

Authentic Bali: Denpasar as capital of the island & the Balinese culture

Get out of your own Small Hotel and go to the centre! If you want to get to know the authentic Bali you have to go to the capital Denpasar. Because what better way to get to know the country and its people than to throw yourself into the middle of life and mingle? A good opportunity to do so is the famous city market Pasar Badung. The market is open around the clock and you can buy various fabrics, jewelry, fashion accessories and handicrafts. But Denpasar itself is also worth seeing: The traditional architecture of the houses shows the authentic Bali and reflects a part of the Balinese culture. Especially impressive is the Bajra Sandhi Monument. The monument, built in 1987, is temple-like and tells the story of Bali.

Bali: Favorite Places

Favorite Small Hotels in Bali

Favorite Hotel Types in Bali