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Edinburgh boasts beautiful architecture, dynamic sightseeing opportunities, and charming hideaways tucked within the center of the city. In a romantic hotel in the Old Town, New Town, or the West End, settle in for an intimate and unforgettable stay with the one you love. In extra-comfy beds, candlelit dinners on the terrace, and a relaxed atmosphere, Scotland’s capital is the perfect setting for a spontaneous weekend for new lovers, a lavish honeymoon, or simply a much-needed escape for two.

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Romantic Hotels Edinburgh

Edinburgh radiates a particularly potent Scottish romanticism, between every old stone building and luscious inner-city green space. A romantic hotel promises to be the perfect accompaniment to an escape into Scotland’s dynamic capital. From the medieval beauty of the Old Town, to the modern architecture and mountain views of the New Town, all the way to the fairytale-esque old fishing village, Dean Village, part of West End, Edinburgh is a city for lovers.

Where to stay at a romantic hotel in Edinburgh? Edinburgh’s neighborhoods at a glance:

Old Town: Edinburgh’s medieval city center

© Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Mile Edinburgh Perched on an extinct volcano, home to the Edinburgh Castle, and still operating on a medieval street plan, Edinburgh’s Old Town beams with a palpable historical romanticism. Making up part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the New Town, the Old Town offers luxury shopping, great sightseeing opportunities, and the romantic atmosphere of an ancient quarter. In a romantic hotel right on the Royal Mile, the broad road running between the Castle gates and the Palace, get comfortable with the one you love in traditional Scottish interiors and modern facilities. Spend days trekking through the 2nd-century Edinburgh Castle and evenings, sipping cold beers at pubs looking out onto the bustling Parliament Square.

New Town: Pretty views & fascinating architecture

© Nira Caledonia Edinburgh’s New Town strikes the perfect balance between contemporary class and antiquity. Constructed as an urban-planning development in response to overcrowding in the mid-18th century, the streets are lined with pretty Neo-Classical architecture and iconic monuments. For a romantic sunset stroll, head to the top of the prehistoric Calton Hill at the eastern end of Princes Street, where you’ll find a view favored by locals — take in the majesty of Edinburgh from above in all its fascinating architecture, including the National Monument, the Dugald Stewart Monument, the Scottish Parliament Building, as well as the stunning Salisbury Crags. Your romantic hotel in New Town promises a peaceful and intimate setting with many of Edinburgh’s favorite landmarks and sights at your fingertips. Settle in for a glass of wine on the terrace or treat yourself to a lazy day spent in your cozy room.

West End: Bohemian vibes & the fairytale-esque Dean Village

© The Dunstane Houses The West End of Edinburgh is situated west of the Old Town and is loved for its bohemian spirit and unique green oases, like Dean Village. Brimming with cocktail bars and cute coffee shops, the West End is the choice for those looking to stay among Edinburgh’s coolest crowds, with the option to duck out into dreamy parks and river-scapes. The West End Village houses many of the city’s art and music festivals as well as boutique shopping on traditional old Scottish streets. Dean Village is something of its own kind; a must-see for any romantic. Located on the northern border of the West End, the Dean Village is a medieval fishing village, tucked away on the Water of Leith and enveloped in lush greenery. A romantic hotel in the West End places you just steps away from the best cocktail bars and local eateries, while providing the option to escape from the city into the natural.

Good to know

Getting there: Edinburgh is quite simple get to. If you opt for the 6-hour drive from London, do know that driving within Edinburgh is not always a treat. Prepare for many of the key city center streets being inaccessible, traffic, potholes & cyclists, and expensive & hard-to-find parking. That said, it’s not a bad idea to drive in and park your car for the duration of the stay, using it just to get in and out of the city. (You can check with your hotel regarding leaving the car there.) You can also fly into Edinburgh’s well-equipped airport (EDI) or take one of the 31 trains running between major English cities and Edinburgh’s train stations every week.

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