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When it comes down to it, there’s nothing as romantic as the Cotswolds; between lush rolling countryside, quiet river valleys, and your romantic hotel suite tucked in the middle of it all. From Gloucestershire to BANES to Worcestershire, the soft terrain of England’s Cotswolds promises absolute peace and quiet. Explore the ancient city of Bath, hike through the Forest of Dean, or relax in your romantic hotel’s attached gardens with views of splendid riverscapes in Worcestershire.

Romantic Hotels Cotswolds

Within traditional English interiors, amidst natural landscapes, and under the trained eye of your service staff, romantic hotels in the Cotswolds promise to be the perfect setting for an intimate getaway. In the heart of England, find extra comfortable beds and cozy facilities, in addition to options to reserve a candlelit dinner with a romantic sunset or a terrace breakfast with views of the sea. Love comes first in romantic hotels and the Cotswolds itself, declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, beams with a palpable romanticism in its castles, palaces, and honey-colored villages.

Where to stay at a romantic hotel in the Cotswolds? The Cotswolds’ regions at a glance:

Gloucestershire: Forests & cathedrals in England’s old countryside

Situated in the west-central area of the Cotswolds, the magical region of Gloucestershire is surrounded by the lush Forest of Dean, the picturesque Cotswolds Hills, and the peaceful valley of the River Severn. Primed for a honeymoon or simply a much-needed escape for two, a romantic hotel in Gloucestershire promises intimate settings, first-rate amenities, and everything else you need so that you never have to leave the room. The gentle terrain of England’s old countryside, speckled with cathedrals and fortresses from times long passed, will surround you with a blissful energy best shared with the one you love. From your romantic hotel, embark on a leisurely hike or a cute bike ride through the countryside, before sharing a delicious meal in the hotel’s garden restaurant.

Somerset & Bath: Rolling hills and Roman baths

A romantic hotel in Bath and North East Somerset, referred to as BANES, places you within the serene landscape of rolling green hills and river valleys. A return to the basics; BANES promises nothing but blissful sunsets over striking Georgian architecture and perhaps a dip in the only bathe-able natural thermal hot springs in England. Bath, the famous spa resort town, boasts a relaxed atmosphere, designed to cater to those looking to recharge and reset. A must-visit for any romantic, Bath’s Roman Baths complex are a well-perserved Roman site below street level and promise to be a stunning foray into the city. While you can’t bathe in the age-old waters here, you can in the Thermae Bath Spa — while you take in views of the ancient skyline and reap the health benefits from the mineral-filled water.

Worcestershire: Charming villages & lush gardens

The northernmost region of the Cotswolds brims with splendid rivers and charming villages. Broadway, a town on the northwest border of the region, is considered one of the most picturesque in the Cotwsolds, filled with honey-colored stone buildings and a charming suite of antique shops and marvelous scenery. In rustic rooms with wooden beams or modern rooms with built-in stereo systems, a romantic hotel in Broadway provides beautiful interiors within traveling distance to the iconic Broadway Tower, as well as opportunity for tennis and first-rate spa treatments. In the unique natural landscape of the Worcestershire region, you’ll also find interesting museums and cool historic sights, perfect for post-breakfast journeys into the green countryside. In the evening, cuddle up with your beloved in the garden over a traditional English meal as perfected by the in-house chef, before retreating to your honeymoon suite.

Good to know

Getting there: The Cotswolds, while located in the middle of England, do prove sometimes difficult to get to and around. To make the most of your trip, and to ensure it remains totally hassle-free, the best bet is renting/taking a car. After an around 2-hour drive from London Heathrow, you’ll have the freedom to bounce between villages during your stay in the Cotswolds.

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