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Between Roman baths, rolling hills & winding rivers, the Cotswolds offers a long established tradition of spa towns and countryside serenity. Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this region in the center of England has maintained its unique and blissful ambience for many years. Choose the perfect spa hotel in the Cotswolds for an always necessary sojourn into ultimate bliss.

Spa Hotels Cotswolds

In the typically British landscape of the Cotswolds, you’ll find the Avon and River Thames flowing through the green, hilly landscape of the heart of England – as the region is often referred. Spa hotels in the Cotswold boast years of tradition, plenty of first-rate amenities & services, and all the English charm you can ask for. Days are spent luxuriating in warmed pools or attached gardens, looking out on beautiful medieval churches, forests, and the untouched natural beauty of a region with thousands of years of history.

Where to spend the night in a spa hotel in the Cotswolds? The Cotswolds’ regions at a glance:

Gloucestershire: Lush forests & Medieval Artifacts

In one of the three magical regions of Gloucestershire, all located in the west central area of the Cotswolds, find lush forests in the Forest of Dean, classic English rolling hills in the Cotswolds Hills, and the wonderful & peaceful valley surrounding the River Severn. In rustic interiors equipped with luxury amenities, revel and relax in the natural beauty of England’s countryside from the opulent comfort of your spa hotel. From the Gloucester Cathedral, originating in 678, to the medieval stone fortress in Beverston, to the sprawling Westbury Court Garden in Westbury-on-Severn: The soft terrain of England’s old countryside in Gloucestershire County promises to enchant. Known for its historic architecture, dramatic waterfronts, and its setting as-seen-in the Harry Potter franchise, a spa hotel in Gloucestershire is the perfect choice for lovers of the ancient, serene natural settings, and first-rate service.

Somerset & Bath: Georgian Influence & Serene Green

At a spa hotel in Bath and North East Somerset, also known as BANES, gear up for classic beauty, top of the line spa treatments, and lots of green. In the southern region of the Cotswolds, the landscape is molded by rolling hills and river valleys – perfect for admirers of magical sunsets over lush terrain. In the breathtaking city of Bath, a working spa resort town since Georgian times, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, striking Georgian architecture, and the only natural thermal hot springs in England in which you can bathe. Lovers of history, archaeology, and beautiful views might want to plan a daytrip north, to the fascinating Uley Bury, England’s largest Iron Age hill fort spanning back to around 300 BC. A spa hotel in BANES is the perfect oasis for those looking to escape a hectic city life and return to the basics.

Worcestershire: Lively Worcester & Years of Tradition

The northern region of the Cotswolds is known for its long list of worthy destinations, the splendid River Avon, and plethora charming villages – although some may know the name from the bottle of Worcestershire sauce that sits by the grill (this tasty concoction was invented and manufactured in the area). The green Worcestershire County of the Cotswolds is home to the beautiful & historic capital of Worcester, brimming with innovative eco-architecture, a vibrant student & youth scene, all the while offering serene comfort in the very center of England. In the surrounding area, glowing in the natural bliss of the Cotswolds’ countryside, find fascinating museums & cool historic sites. In Worcestershire, a region that has been perfecting the idea of spa town already now for seven centuries, staying in a spa hotel is the only way to stay: surrounded by lavish modern interiors, blooming gardens, amazing spa treatments & even some options with Roman baths and the opportunity to try your hand in croquet, tennis, or archery. At a romantic and luxurious spa hotel in Worcestershire, you won’t regret whiling away a day feeling like English royalty.

Good to know

Transit: Despite the Cotswolds being in the middle of the country, it does prove a little difficult to get around without proper planning. Of course, renting a car is always a surefire way to ensure you end up where you want to be. Otherwise it is relatively easy to get into the Cotswolds from London and other major UK cities, but the transportation within the region is quite limited – the best bet is to plan ahead in terms of finding tour buses/rides between different areas of the Cotswolds if you’re not planning on staying in one place.

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