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Costa del Mar Cantábrico Hotels

Costa del Mar Cantábrico belongs to the finest coastal areas of Spain, stretching across Cantabria province, situated in the Basque Country. It seems that Mother Nature herself has taken care of climatic conditions and the shape of the shore, so that water would be warm, whereas beaches would be picturesque and cozy. Well-developed infrastructure of the region will allow you to wholly enjoy the stay – Escapio has selected some great Costa del Mar Cantábrico hotels for you to consider. Closeness to Bilbao and San Sebastian will allows you to combine swimming and sunbathing with sightseeing, while the abundance of spa resorts enable you to enhance recreational capacity of this land with ultramodern body nourishment amenities. This region undoubtedly is a must visit for any traveler who feels crazy about Spanish beaches, cuisine and culture. Even if you don’t feel this way, it is at least worth a try.

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