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Hotels in Canada

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The second largest country in the world is a paradise for outdoor travellers with high standards. Romantically integrated into the wonderful natural landscapes, there are many hotels in Canada. Whether travellers want to enjoy the high Rocky Mountains for hiking or skiing, prefer countless sparkling clean lakes for swimming in the summer or are on an adventurous bear safari through the numerous national parks - Canada offers many great activities and excursions for active holidaymakers. Visitors who want to enjoy a little luxury will be more than happy in the country's main cities from Vancouver to Montreal.

Hiking Paradise Canada

In winter, high snow and frozen lakes await adventurous holidaymakers. The skiing areas in the Rocky Mountains are world famous. Skiing in the landscape of the Cape Breton Highlands in the east is one of the most popular leisure activities. Those who want to try something special can take a husky dog sled ride through the vast frozen nature, where rustic wooden huts for overnight stays provide the final touch of romance. Those looking for an adrenaline rush can try out heli-skiing in the Olympic Alpine area of Whistler. Visitors can be the first to ski down the high slopes in fresh, untouched powder. Various hiking tours lead over the most famous mountain range in Canada, the Rockies. For many, the wild flora and fauna is unforgettable. Tours through Banff National Park not only explain the geological features of Canada, but also lead to crystal clear Lake Minnewanka, a pefrect place for a refreshing swim. Wide passes up to 700m high are overcome before mountain hikers reach the summit. Outdoor fans can end a perfect day by the campfire and under a starry sky, but the next designer lodge is not far away either.

The highlights of Canada

Thundering Water is what the First Nations of Canada call Niagara Falls, which sightseers can admire from a boat or even from a viewing platform journey behind the waterfalls. Canada's cities are impressive with a harmonious mix of tradition and modernity: In Toronto, situated on beautiful Lake Ontario, stands the 553-m tall CN Tower, one of the most impressive building monuments in the world. At a height of 342m you can look down from the glass floor to the earth, the view reaches 100km in good weather. Québec City, on the other hand, inspires with its spectacular upper town on the high plateau. If you are a guest at the noble hotel Château Frontenac you will not only be able to enjoy the lower town; the fairy-tale castle hotel is also located in the old town of Québec with the turbulent Place d'Armes and the beautiful Rue St.-Louis with rows of houses from the 17th century. Vancouver on the west coast of Canada fascinates with modern architecture and Chinese influences. Canada Place is the most striking building directly on the shore of the Burrard Inlet and also serves as a docking point for cruise ships. One of the largest Chinatowns worldwide has been at home in Vancouver since the 1920s. Numerous buildings and especially the Millenium Gate and China Gate are impressive witnesses of Chinese architecture. The oldest evidence of human settlement on Vancouver Island can be found in the Museum of Port Hardy, in the north of the Canadian Pacific Island. The archaeological finds were discovered in nearby Bear Cove. Victorian architecture defines Ottawa, the nation's capital. The Canadian Museum of Civilization on the north bank of the city's river tells about the pioneering history of the country's First Nations. The Rideau Canal is frozen over in winter and becomes a skaters' paradise.

Culinary journey through North America

The Atlantic Ocean is a source of many delicacy for Canadians. Fresh fish and seafood are an essential part of the menus in many restaurants. Due to slow lobster growth in the cold Atlantic waters, the taste of the lobsters is unmistakably one of the best in the world. Great lobster buffets like those on Prince Edward Island in summer are not uncommon on the east coast of Canada. Meanwhile, the lakes of the province of Ontario provide pike and trout. Canadian wild rice, which was already cultivated by Indigenous Peoples, is often served with them. On the west coast, restaurants specialise in halibut and salmon. The fresh fruits and vegetables from the Fraser Valley complete the perfect meal. Nowhere else than in the province of Alberta do the beef steaks taste so tender. Many cattle breeders are now in their fifth generation and take just as much care for the natural landscapes where the cattle graze. The sweetest berries, grapes and apples grow in the Okanagan Valley, west of the Rockies. The traditional maple syrup refines many dishes and is available throughout the country. A typical dessert is Nanaimo Bars, a kind of unbaked Canadian cake: Creamy, sweet, chocolaty and coconut-crispy, they are available in many pastry shops. Ice wine or cider are good accompaniments. Caribou the famous - yet potent Quebec drink, is a mixture of red wine, whiskey and maple syrup, a popular drink in the cold Canadian winters.

Weather in Canada

With four climate zones and six time zones, the weather in Canada differs widely. The east is characterized by cooler summers and long, cold winters, while the west is dominated by mountains and the Pacific coast: Differences in altitude determine whether you'll have snow or an oceanic climate on your vacation. The coldest region is the north, which accounts for almost two thirds of Canada. Skiers and adventure-seeking vacationers can experience a wonderful but cold winter in Canada. The ski season begins in November and can last all the way until April and provides for freezing cold temperatures. June and July delight with summery temperatures around 23 degrees Celsius and higher. Now is the best time for bathing and hiking, when the country's wonderful natural landscapes shine in the sunlight. If you want to enjoy a pleasant late autumn, travel to Canada in September, especially to the west, where the warm temperatures still persist. This is when the Indian Summer in Canada begins, the foliage of the forests becomes a unique spectacle of colour when the leaves turn beautiful shades of red, yellow, purple and copper.

Travel to Canada

The best way to reach Canada is by plane. Due to the size of the country, you can find an airport in every major city. However, the most common airports are located in the major cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Halifax. Within the country it is also useful to plan some routes by plane. Once there you can easily explore the respective region with a rental car from your hotel in Canada.

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