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Seville: Favorite Areas

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Boutique Hotels Seville

Small and exquisite Seville boutique hotels will gladly accommodate you in the heart of this glorious city – so you could discover the main artistic and cultural centre of Spain and enjoy every second of your stay. Sophisticated accommodation, intimate atmosphere and delicious regional cuisine are only a few wonders to treat yourself to while in Andalusia, and all of them can be found in Seville boutique hotels! For the others – Plaza de Espagna, Isla Magica, Seville Cathedral and many more – you will have to indulge in the merry spirit of this city, hospitable and vivacious, unlike any other place on earth.

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Boutique Hotel Holos in Seville, Hospes Las Casas del Rey Baeza in Seville, Hotel Hacienda de San Rafael in Seville, Hotel Corral del Rey in Seville

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Seville: Favorite Areas

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