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Provence has something for everyone; be it culture lovers, history buffs, or nature enthusiasts. Provence boutique hotels are a home away from home because of their outstanding services, classy designs, and peculiar personalities.

Boutique Hotels Provence

Renowned for its lavender fields and sleepy villages, Provence is a province in the south-east region of France. With highly personalized services and upscale designs, Provence boutique hotels are perfect for people who want to enjoy a luxurious holiday. Every room at these hotels has its own distinctive vibe.

Roman ruins in Provence

© Hotel Benvengudo Provence is known for its beautifully preserved Roman ruins. History lovers will be in for a treat when they visit the historic town of Arles. Home to well-preserved ruins, the origin of this town can be traced back to an ancient Greek settlement. Some of the ruins to visit include the Roman Theatre, the Forum, the Amphitheatre, the Baths of Constantine, and the Alyscamps.

The Theatre Antique in Orange is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and dates back to the 1st century AD. This theater could accommodate over 7000 spectators during the Roman era, and is still used as a venue today for Orange’s summer music festival. The Hemicycle and the Arc de Triomphe are other Roman ruins to check out while staying with a boutique hotel in Arles.

Natural beauty of Provence

© Hotel Benvengudo One of France’s ten national parks is located in Provence. Located to the north of the region, Mercantour National Park offers diverse scenic landscapes that are some of the country’s best. Verdon Gorge in Provence is one of Europe’s most stunning river canyons. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy outdoor recreation activities like hiking and rafting here. It is known as ‘Verdon’ because of the turquoise green waters of the river.

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