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Bangkok is a city of many faces, and they tend to cram themselves alongside one another, all vying for the visitor’s attention at the same time. A Bangkok boutique hotel is the best place from which to understand this city of many personalities. Visitors head to Sukhumvit or Silom for shopping, Chinatown or the Old City for culture, the financial district for Bangkok’s most iconic nightlife, or Phetchaburi road for gadgets. Wherever the visitor decides to stay, one thing is for sure: a stay in Bangkok is like a stay in no other city.

Boutique Hotels Bangkok

Staying in one of the many boutique hotels in Bangkok is the best way to experience this magnificent city through a different lens. The districts of Thailand’s capital are as varied as the country itself, boasting everything from traditional markets and some of Asia’s finest street food, to world-class shopping districts and top-quality service.

Our selection of Boutique Hotels in Bangkok

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Home to some of the best boutique hotels in Bangkok, Sukhumvit is the city’s cosmopolitan district. With its luxury shopping malls, air-conditioned plazas, and plenty of bars and nightclubs, this is the place to experience the best of modern Thailand.


Siam Square is all about shopping and this is where the trendiest Bangkok citizens hang out. Siam is also a great place to stay, with its designer boutiques, cinemas, clubs, and restaurants. Jam-packed with tourist attractions, including Jim Thompson’s famous house and Madame Tussaud’s, Siam feels like a city in itself, albeit one easily navigable on foot.

The Old City

Situated on the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok’s Old City exemplifies Thailand: glittering temples, the stately Grand Palace, a reclining Buddha shimmering with gold, and a higgledy-piggledy assortment of buildings. The area sits adjacent to Banglamphu, a district once popular with backpackers which is now being reclaimed by the Thai middle class.


Boutique hotels in Bangkok don’t get much better than this. Old meets new in a sparkling combination of ancient landmarks and modern high-rises, and Bangkok’s riverside has it all. There are river cruises, fine dining options, and stunning night views of the city in lights.

The Financial District

By day, Silom is Bangkok’s smart financial district, but when night falls, the business men and women step aside, clearing space for street vendors, ladies of the night, and revellers to party well into the small hours. Also the centre of Bangkok’s LGBT community, Silom is the place to party into the night at the legendary entertainment district of Patpong.


Bangkok’s fabulous Chinatown has its share of boutique hotels, and with its authentic Chinese food, assortment of gold shops, and seemingly infinite rows of wooden shopfronts, it’s a place not to be missed. A heady combination of Thai and Chinese cultures combines on the streets to create its very own fascinating spirit.

Phetchaburi Road

One of the city’s longest roads is home to yet more bars, restaurants, and night spots, but perhaps the thing that most distinguishes Phetchaburi Road from other busy Bangkok spots is Pantip Plaza. Home to more computer, IT equipment, and tech shops than it’s possible to imagine, Pantip Plaza is Bangkok’s premier tech mall.

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Bangkok: Favorite Areas

Bangkok: Favorite Areas

Favorite Boutique Hotels in Bangkok