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Hotels Bergisches Land

Are you looking for charming Bergisches Land Hotels? The Bergisches Land is situated south-east of Cologne, between the rivers Rhine, Ruhr and Sieg. The villages which are beautifully embedded in the Bergisches Land, radiate with charming houses and their architectural details: schistous and half-timbered houses, white window frames, carved front doors - in the Bergisches Land the world seems to be without sorrow. The mountain ranges and hilltops, dales and dams, colorful churches and historic mills, manor houses, castles and palaces - they all accomplish the characteristic landscape. Even those who like spontaneous trips without much planning ahead can enjoy the variety of the Bergisches Land. All the romantic and beautiful sights attract the visitor`s eye again and again. Make a trip to the Bergisches Land and stay in our Historic Hotel Bergisches Land!