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Amsterdam: Favorite Areas

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Amsterdam Hotels

Discover the Dutch capital with Escapio, featuring the very best of more than three hundred Amsterdam hotels, handpicked for unique quality. Set in the city centre, they introduce you to one of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant destinations, opening up a whole new world of wonders to explore and things to experience. Beginning from the Amsterdam Zoo and finishing with Nemo Museum, the city breathes with elegance, as well as rich cultural and historic legacy. A system of canals calls for a little cruise, while cozy restaurants and cafes invite you for a yummy meal. Many squares demonstrate breathtaking views, and three Red Light districts feature all the legal earthly pleasures imaginable. Amsterdam is a perfect destination for the most exciting and yet relaxing vacation of your lifetime; here vibrant life of the never-sleeping city contrasts cordial atmosphere and overwhelming coziness – indeed, you would expect no less of the “land, which was taken from the sea”!

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Amsterdam: Favorite Areas

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