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From the ancient Pyramids of Cairo to the well-preserved temples of Luxor, Egypt is a captivating destination. Beach hotels on Egypt’s Red Sea help you get the most out of your vacation, providing unmatched luxury in one of the world’s most desirable locations. Great nightlife, golden beaches and exceptional snorkeling and scuba diving make Egypt an excellent destination for a beach hotel.

Beach Hotels Egypt

Imagine a paradise of sandy beaches, luxury hotels and stunning blue water – this is what visitors can expect from 5 star beach hotels in Egypt. The Red Sea is a prime destination for sun seekers looking to enjoy a relaxed vacation alongside Egypt’s dazzling ancient wonders. Packed with jovial bars and high-end restaurants, luxury beach hotels overlooking the Red Sea will leave you spellbound.

Beach hotels in Egypt: Dive deep into Ancient Egypt and the Red Sea

Sharm El-Sheikh: Jewel of Aqaba

This purpose-built resort on the southern coast of the Sinai Peninsula has made sure that visitors have everything they need to enjoy a blissful beach vacation in Egypt. Hotels on this glittering coast have access to private beaches, exciting day trips and some of the best underwater scenery in the world. When you’re not relaxing on the beach, there is also plenty to see in the surrounding area. Mount Sinai can be found just north of Sharm El-Sheikh, and is thought to be one of the most sacred world’s most sacred places for Abrahamic religions. You can reach the summit on foot, or hire a camel for a truly authentic experience. Saint Catherine’s Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in a nearby gorge. The vast complex is a popular site for Christian pilgrimage and has preserved an enormous collection of manuscripts. The nearby Ras Mahammad National Park extends out into the sea and is ringed by vibrant coral reefs with over 1000 species of fish calling the area home. There is even a beguiling shipwreck divers will love exploring.

Hurghada: Perfect for Families

For the perfect family vacation, book a beach hotel on Egypt’s east coast in the resort city of Hurghada. With exceptional weather, vibrant nightlife and a variety of watersports, Hurghada offers more than just sun, sea and sand. Perks of beach hotels here are that almost each one will have access private beaches, swimming pools and sun loungers for guests – so you’ll never have to worry about finding a spot for the day. While the beaches are lined with stylish resorts, El Dahar – Hurghada’s old town – is the place to find traditional souks and strong Egyptian coffee. When they’re not splashing around in the pool, take the kids to the exceptional Hurghada Grand Aquarium. It’s a great way for little ones to learn about the ocean before strapping on a snorkel and venturing into the Red Sea themselves. For those with more experience, Hurghada is a wonderful jumping off point to go scuba diving; with some of the best dive spots only a short boat ride from your beach hotel.

Dahab: Quiet Serenity

North of Sharm El-Sheikh is a small and peaceful resort town which feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of Hurghada. Dahab may often be overlooked in place of larger resort regions, but this little slice of paradise will surprise you given the chance. Dahab is most well-known for its exceptional windsurfing conditions, attracting watersport enthusiasts from around the world alongside travelers and backpackers. Much like the rest of the Egyptian coast, other popular activities include snorkeling and scuba diving. Brave and very experienced divers can check out the Blue Hole which is located near Dahab and is considered the world’s most dangerous dive site. Back on dry land, the town has a romantic beachfront promenade peppered with bars and restaurants to enjoy a traditional Egyptian dinner as the sun sets over the Red Sea.

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