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Tangier Hotels

Tangier hotels: discover Tangier, the gate to Africa at the northafrican coast in Morocco, to the West of the Strait of Gibraltar where Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean mix its waters. Legend has it that the Strait of Gibraltar was emerged by Hercules, who split the earth at this place. Tangier hotels give your vacation in Morocco a very special flair. Tangier offers your holiday numerous sights around the Medina and Kasbah. The domicile of the Sultan. Dar el Makhzen, is situated in the area of the Kasbah, in the North of the Medina. In the Tangier hotels, you can feel the atmosphere of Morocco, too. Furthermore, you will find steep alleys which twine themselves between the white walls of the houses in Tangier and often end unexpected. Here, you come across a labyrinth of tall and little shops with all kinds of trade goods. Especially at the important market, Grand Socco, in Tangier you will find typical souvenirs from Morocco. However you spend your Tangier activity small Tanger Hotels from Escapio are the optimal basis to relax. Recover in our 4 Stars Hotel in Tangier or the wonderful Bed & Breakfast Hotel, which has been selected exclusively for you by Escapio. Have a good time to select your personal Tangier hotel.

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