The Best Hotels in Prague

Prague is known as the city of a hundred towers, and the Czech metropolis also has many other historic buildings to offer. The Gothic Charles Bridge over the Vltava River and the Astronomical Clock at the City Hall are unmistakable. In the Hradcany district, you stand in front of one of the most imposing castle complexes in the world: the medieval Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral inside. Craftsmanship, stylish hotels and cozy restaurants can be found in the cobblestone Jewish Quarter.

Hotels in Prague

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Prague appears to be just awoken. The Czech Capital starts to establish itself as one of the favourite holiday destinations within Europe for short breaks. No wonder! Prague has a lot to offer: on the one hand historic buildings such as the largest medieval castle in the world or the world famous Carls Bridge which was built in 1357. On the other hand the unbelievably young and fresh lifestyle in combination with the sensational offer of cultural events. And of course there are fantastic prague hotels throughout the city containing not only prague wellness hotels and prague luxury hotels but also great prague design hotels. We have chosen the best of them and are more than happy to present them here.

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