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The city full of quintessential spirit of good old Germany, the site of famous Oktoberfest and simply a prominent historic and cultural centre, Munich deserves to be called the crown jewel of Bavaria. Munich small hotels uphold the glorious traditions of hospitality, accommodating visitors with superior comfort and full dedication. Mouth-watering Bavarian cuisine, convenient amenities and cozy living spaces come as inevitable must in these wonderful hotels – as well as irresistible atmosphere of peace and tranquility, meant for 100% relaxation. As to excitement, you will definitely have your fair share in Munich city centre – twisty streets of Altstadt, humming and hawing Marienplatz, cozy cafes, taverns and breweries, nightclubs, museums and shopping malls are all at your disposal. In addition, those charming hotels boast rather convenient central location, so you will save much time on running around or using public transport and will be able to plunge right into the world of sheer excitement and dazzling impressions. Make the most of your time spent amidst Bavarian splendors, enjoy the unique zeitgeist and savor each moment of this adventurous vacation; discovering the spirit of Germany has never been any simpler or more exciting – not without Munich small hotels!

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