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Small Hotels Baltic Sea

A frontier between warmer Europe and noble north, Baltic Sea region may appear both mild and rigorous at times, being as changeable as weather and as rich in beautiful landscapes and atmospheric places as the world’s most renowned destinations. Baltic Sea small hotels are oases of calm and cordial warmth that are able to show you a whole other Baltic coast – hospitable and kind, doting upon each visitor and repeatedly revealing its breathtaking beauty to them. Nestling in pretty cities, towns and villages from Schwerin to the isle of Rugen, these unique hotels follow the finest standards of service, accommodating their guests with all comforts imaginable. Featuring great design that combines both traditional northern German motifs and more contemporary influences, Baltic Sea small hotels are simply too charming to resist – having once stayed at one of those wonderful hotels, you will never regret it. Rich woodland, tranquil lakes, sandy beaches surrounded by pine-trees and caressed by tidal waves, ancient cities and never-ending excitement – this is what awaits you in this hospitable land… together with Baltic Sea small hotels!

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