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Forget Paris, for truly romantic vacations why not book a hotel in the South of France? Whether you’re seeking a luxury getaway on the French Riviera or a rustic retreat in the lush vineyards around Avignon, few places exude romance like the French south. From honeymoons to spur-of-the moment escapes, romantic hotels in the South of France will add that touch of magic to your trip that will make your amorous vacation one-of-a-kind. Romantic breaks in the South of France begin here.

Romantic Hotels South of France

From the golden beaches of the French Riviera to the rolling foothills of the Pyrenees, hotels in the South of France are truly sublime. A romantic getaway to any one of these locations will offer unique activities in spectacular surroundings, and will be the perfect way to enjoy time with your significant other.

South of France Romantic Hotels: Top locations for a romantic getaway

Unwind on the Coast: Corsica and French Riviera

Known for luxury yachts, picturesque boardwalks and celebrity locale, hotels on the French Riviera offer a truly romantic and indulgent escape. Quaint towns dot the coastline from Monaco to Marseille, attracting the rich and famous to its shores. Book a hotel in the romantic town of Saint-Tropez to get a taste of this exclusive atmosphere. Once a choice destination for the Parisian elite, today Saint-Tropez has a worldwide reputation for its charming village streets lined with designer boutiques and Michelin starred restaurants. Romantic hotels in this southern French town provide access to the wild and wooded Saint-Tropez peninsula, where you can stroll hand in hand with your loved one while enjoying exceptional views of the Maures Mountains. The Mediterranean island of Corsica is another perfect location to seek out a romantic hotel in the South of France. With its own culture and language, Corsica is a unique destination; one which provides diverse topography for outdoors enthusiasts and inquisitive couples. Romantic hotels along the coast will help you unwind among crystal clear water and jagged cliffs, but venture inland to explore the various hiking paths that weave throughout the spectacular Corsica Regional National Park.

Traditional Southern France: Avignon and Montpellier

For a more traditional getaway, look no further than the medieval city of Avignon. Here you can spend days strolling alongside the Rhône river, admiring the spectacular views of the 14th century Palais des Papes from its banks. Venture into the ancient old town, enclosed by medieval ramparts and be greeted by warren of cobbled streets and intriguing architecture. The surrounding region also features highly when it comes to romantic hotels in the South of France. The Luberon is the place to head for sleepy market towns and complete tranquilty, while the southern French region of Provence is littered with vineyard hotels and wine cellars to indulge in. Another stylish getaway can be found in Montpellier, which provides both a spirited city atmosphere side-by-side with a relaxed beach vacation. Montpellier is located 10km inland, therefore its beaches remain relatively unspoiled and calm. Espiguette beach in Le Grau-du-Roi is particularly ideal for evening strolls along the coastline. The city center (also known as Ecusson) is equally captivating, and the Promenade du Peyrou is guaranteed to transport you back to the time the time of the French monarchy.

Wine aficionados will fall in love in Bordeaux & Dordogne

Romantic hotels in the South of France aren’t limited to the jewels of the French Riviera. In fact, south-western France provides ample opportunities for a romantic escape in the French south. Bordeaux’s grand boulevards, souring cathedral and UNESCO World Heritage status on the banks of the Garonne River are ideal for history buffs keen to explore. Furthermore, Bordeaux is one of the wine capitals of the world, and the city is peppered with underground cellars and fancy restaurants featuring many local varieties. This makes the lush Dordogne region east of Bordeaux an ideal retreat for couples who want to escape the city. Book a rustic farmhouse hotel near the quaint town of Bergerac, and spend some time admiring the quintessentially French way of life. Pick up a fresh croissant for breakfast before heading to Château de Monbazillac for wine tastings and walks in a Renaissance setting.

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