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In the midst of the beautiful expanses of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is among the most cosmopolitan of the Cyclades. Many fine hotels are located on this small but popular island that provide you with an exceptional setting for your romantic Mykonos getaway. Most of the hotels are located in the island city of Chora, which put you close to the vibrant nightlife and scenic beaches the island is known for. A romantic hotel in Mykonos is the perfect destination for your Cyclades getaway.

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Romantic Hotels Mykonos

© Mykonos Theoxenia Luxury Boutique Hotel Take your loved one on a memorable insular getaway to Cyclades with fabulous Mykonos romantic hotels. Romance, secluded atmosphere, privacy and comfort – isn’t this what two loving souls need most of all? In addition, you will receive impeccable service and appetizing local meals, as well as dozens of sights, views, events and attractions to see and experience. You can make your trip to Greece as solitary or as exciting as you wish – with Mykonos romantic hotels, either is possible. You will definitely remember this amorous vacation for decades to come – because of beautiful Cyclades, magnificent Greece and, of course, flawless Mykonos romantic hotels!

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