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Mykonos is unique in its ability to blend gorgeous beaches, exciting nightlife and extraordinary historical sites. It’s a peaceful and sophisticated island where luxury hotels look out across the sea and a number of great destinations await travellers. Its proximity to smaller islands, with their own beaches and hotspots to explore, make it an excellent springboard for exploring the Aegean Sea.

Luxury Hotels Mykonos

Mykonos offers the ideal blend of vibrant nightlife, great beaches, and sophistication. It’s buzzier than many of the smaller Greek islands but also more distinguished than some of the more obvious beach meccas. Many of the luxury hotels in Mykonos are built with the hot weather in mind, often placed near the beach and with rooftop swimming pools and spas. You can travel via short boat rides to the stunning beaches, including Paranga, Super Paradise and Elia.

Mykonos by night

Those looking for a good time in the evening will certainly be glad they came to Mykonos. There are a number of excellent cocktail bars for visitors seeking high-end entertainment, and cabaret bars with balconies perfect for catching the sunset. The Mykonos’ luxury hotels are also excellent places to enjoy a drink and be amazed at the gorgeous changing scenery as day turns to night.

The wonders of Greek history

Mykonos’ fascinating historical sites are not to be overlooked either, and feature amazing ruins and beautiful old buildings. Of particular interest is the nearby island of Delos, where the god Apollo is said to have been born. You can admire its marble amphitheatre and take a guided tour to fully appreciate the extent of its fascinating features. You will also walk around the ruins of the ancient city, with its markets and houses.

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