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Whether Prague Castle on the Vltava River or the view of the city from Pet?ín ? the Czech capital has numerous places that exude charm and take your breath away. The local boutique hotels have similar flair. You can find them small and fine in the most beautiful places of the city. Here you will spend the night in rooms full of grace, surrounded by accessories that are lovingly crafted with attention to detail. After long tours of Prague, its castles and promenades, Prague Boutique Hotels are the perfect temporary home away from home.

Boutique Hotels Prague

The "City of a Hundred Towers" is what Prague, whose lifeline is the Vltava River, is often called. The Old Town Square with its colourful baroque buildings, countless bridges and the astronomical clock at the Old Town Hall attract countless culture-loving city travellers to the boutique hotels in Prague every year.

Boutique Hotels in Prague for cultural tours

The vibrant Old Town of Prague

© Hotel UNIC PragueThe Old Town of Prague, called Staré Mesto in the local language, is the lively and cobbled city centre around the Old Town Square. Well-known Prague sights such as the medieval Astronomical Clock at the Old Town Hall and the Gothic Church of St. Tyn, form the backdrop for an exploration of the city centre. What makes the Astronomical Clock of the Apostles so special is that the twelve apostles appear on it every full hour. It is only a few steps to the Vltava River and the oldest bridge in Prague: The Charles Bridge is not difficult to recognize with its numerous stone statues of saints. Many local artists offer their works on the bridge made of sandstone squares, which was completed in 1402. Music lovers enjoy listening to classical music concerts in the Rudolfinum or being enchanted by ballets and operas in the Estates Theatre. Those who prefer to dance themselves can do so in the five-storey Karlovy Lázn? dance club.

Explore the Prague Lesser Town

The Malá Strana district extends on the opposite side of the Vltava River up to the monumental Prague Castle. Magnificent views of the river and the Old Town behind it will inspire you on a tour of the city from the boutique hotels in Prague. Restaurants and small breweries hide in the narrow alleys winding up the hill. The biggest visitor magnet of Prague’s Lesser Town is the castle, which looks back on a thousand years of history. Inside the largest continuous castle complex in Europe, the towers of St. Vitus Cathedral rise to the sky. Every day, when its bells ring at noon, hundreds of visitors make a pilgrimage to the Court of Honour to marvel at the changing of the guard. One of the most famous Prague personalities is the writer Franz Kafka, to whom an entire museum in the city is dedicated. Diaries, manuscripts, photographs and drawings can be admired as well as first editions of Kafka’s works.

Josefov: Prague’s former Jewish quarter

The Josefstadt is the former Jewish ghetto of the city: The first Jews came to Prague as early as the 10th century. The Pinkas Synagogue houses Memorial 77.297, which was chiseled by Václav Bostik and Jiří John as a memorial to all Jewish Holocaust victims. The nearby Maisel Synagogue now houses the Jewish Museum, a visit to which is almost a must during a holiday in one of Prague’s boutique hotels. Finally, the banks of the Vltava invite you to take a walk to the Čech bridge with the Art Nouveau angels guarding each end of the bridge.

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