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Cycling amongst beautiful hillside vineyards and sampling award-winning wines, getting a glimpse into the lifestyle and neighbourhoods of the rich and famous, viewing some of the tallest trees in the world in national parks, and exploring the desert – this state offers more than one can hope to cover in a single visit. California surely deserves its nickname as ‘the golden state’ with its rich experiences and attractions. And for times when one just needs to feel pampered amidst a beautiful setting, a stay at California’s boutique hotels is just the ticket.

Boutique Hotels California

One of the most famous destinations in the United States, California attracts travellers to its spectacular coastal regions, the famous Hollywood area, Disneyland, Napa Valley, and much more. Making every holiday here a delight is the choice of many appealing boutique hotels in California, each designed to offer the best possible experience for guests. While San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and Lake Tahoe are some of the preferred areas for families, adventure and outdoor enthusiasts love heading to the several national parks in the state of California, including Redwood, Yosemite, and the Channel Islands. A drive along Big Sur allows visitors to enjoy one of the most scenic routes on the planet, while the Santa Catalina Island is perfect for water-loving travellers offering options of scuba diving, tours on glass-bottomed boats, parasailing, and kayaking – California has got it all!

Our selection of Boutique Hotels in California

Los Angeles: Celeb Spotting and Surfing

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Of Southern California’s many attractive places, Los Angeles is undoubtedly a favourite among travellers. Shopping in Beverly Hills, exploring the Sunset Strip, and experiencing the Hollywood vibe in general are the most popular pastimes among visitors to this region. When you need to take a break from all the film studio hopping, the beaches of Malibu provide the perfect opportunity. When not courting the waves and surfing, travellers can visit the Malibu Lagoon Museum, or take a self-guided tour and marvel at the many celebrity homes that dot the area.

San Francisco Bay Area: Museums and Landmarks

Marked by the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is located on the ocean front. Here, travellers can explore everything from parklands and family-friendly beaches, to rides in cable cars. Just a short drive away, lies the picturesque Napa Valley, one of the most popular wine regions in the world, renowned as an idyllic, luxurious getaway. While staying in boutique hotels in California, plan a visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This well-curated museum houses a beautiful collection of over 30,000 contemporary paintings and art pieces.

Palm Springs: Dramatic Scenery and Resort Getaways in a Desert Region

The Palm Springs area with its oasis-like atmosphere, is one of the top attractions in California’s desert region. With spas, golf courses, luxurious hotels, and mid-century, modern architecture, there is plenty to see and do in this region. Nearby, the Death Valley National Park is frequented by visitors eager to see sand dunes, salt flats, and other elements of one of the driest and hottest ecosystems in the country. The Joshua Tree National Park and the Coachella Valley are some other popular nature spots to visit while staying in one of the boutique hotels of California.

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