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Hotels Bern

Bern is another neat and toy-like city of fabulous Switzerland, so elaborately laid on the surface of the earth that it seems to have emerged only yesterday – hard to believe that these straight streets and alleys have withstood centuries and retained their looks. From Zygtlogge and Federal Palace to the tiniest house, everything appears worthy of a postcard – Bern breathes with unique atmosphere and medieval spirit, enwrapping one of the richest and the most contemporary cities in Europe. This illusion is charming by itself, yet there are cozy restaurants and cafes, sumptuous shopping malls and a river as if created for cruises; there are numerous theatres, Albert Einstein’s house and other wonders awaiting you behind each corner. Escapio features many classy Bern hotels that will only add up to your positive vision of this wondrous city. It is a little fragment of a fairytale nestling in the core of Europe – a bright sign symbolizing that wonders still exist beside us.